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AutoPagex is an advanced Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional software.It is designed to automate many tasks related to page management and content editing. AutoPagex is an advanced plug-in for Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Acrobat Professional software. It is designed to automate many tasks related to page management and content editing.

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AutoPageX™ for Adobe® Acrobat® What is AutoPagex™ Plug-in? AutoPagex™ is an advanced plug-in for Adobe® Acrobat® software. It is designed to automate many tasks related to page management and content editing. The software provides functionality to move pages within a document, divide pages into multiple ones, duplicate pages, change page size, insert and delete blank pages, repeat page content into number of rows and columns, flatten form fields, and reverse page order in the document. AutoPagex™ plug-in offers special features for manipulating of page content such as fitting to margins, scaling, aligning, shifting and rotating.

All page content such as text, images, graphics, annotations can be easily manipulated using these powerful tools. Detailed page statistics such as word, page and annotation counts can be computed for one or more PDF documents at once. The plug-in features powerful and intuitive user interface that is easy to use for power users as well as for beginners. Acrobat's batch processing framework is supported (available only in Adobe® Acrobat Professional®). AutoPagex™ plug-in exposes many useful commands that can be used in Acrobat's batch sequences to enhance a document processing workflow.

Product Features: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Related Links: (this is a compiled HTML help file - save it to you computer before opening it). Features Summary Change Page Size Enlarge or reduce page size (size of the media) to any of the available standard or custom sizes. Media orientation can be changed independently from a content orientation. Page content can be optionally scaled to fit a new media size.

This operation is different from page cropping available in Adobe ® Acrobat ® that can only reduce page size and do not scale page content. It is useful when there is a need to change a media size without affecting the page content or when documents need to be adopted for the new markets that use a different page sizes. European users might want to use this functionality to change ISO page sizes to non-metric traditional sizes when preparing documents for North American market and vise versa. Divide Pages Page can be automatically divided into multiple pages of a different size. For example, a single A2 page can be divided into two A3 pages or four A4 pages. Custom page sizes and page positions can be used to provide a full control over the way a page is divided.

Use this operation to split large sheets into several smaller pages. This operation is useful for splitting large engineering drawings or documents that contain multiple logical pages per a single physical page. Duplicate Pages Individual pages and page ranges can be easily duplicated. Pages can be duplicated using either ' Carbon Copy' or ' Page Range' method.

' Carbon Copy' method duplicates each page individually and inserts new copies right after each original page. ' Page Range' method duplicates a selected page range at once and inserts new copies at the end of the document.

New pages appear as exact copies of the corresponding source pages. Baklanova concertino noti 5. All text, images, graphics and annotations are duplicated. Move Pages Individual pages and page ranges can be easily moved to a different location within a document. They can be inserted after a specific page in a document or placed in the beginning or the end of the PDF document. Out-of-the-box Adobe® Acrobat® does not provide an easy way to move pages within a single document. First, pages need to be extracted into an intermediate PDF document, deleted from an original document and only after that inserted back into document at desired location.

AutoPagex™ removes all this complexity and provides a convenient, one-step operation for moving pages in the document. Reverse Page Order Page order can be reversed for a whole document or just for a specific page range. Insert Blank Pages Blank pages can be easily inserted into an existing document. Page size is automatically inherited from a page where new blank page is inserted. Single line of text can be optionally added to each page.