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Contents [] Campaign Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 continues five years after the events of. Plot overview ' This is for the record.' — The year is 2016, and despite the of the and the, the seize control of Russia and declare a hero and martyr, erecting a statue of him in the heart of the Red Square.

Meanwhile,, one of Zakhaev's former lieutenants, begins a campaign against Europe by committing brutal acts of terrorism over the course of five years. In Afghanistan, PFC assists in the taking of a city from a. Impressed by Allen's abilities, Lieutenant recruits him into ' ', an elite, multi-national counter-terrorist unit under Shepherd's command. Meanwhile, two other members of 141, and infiltrate a Russian airbase in the Tian Shan mountains to retrieve an ACS (Attack Characterization System) module from a downed satellite. Allen is later sent on an undercover mission in Russia for the, joining Makarov in a massacre of civilians at the Zakhaev International Airport in.

Makarov has been aware of Allen's identity and kills him during extraction, leaving his body to spark a Russia and the United States of America. Angered by what was believed to be an American-supported terrorist attack, Russia retaliates with a massive surprise on the after bypassing its early warning system, revealing that the ACS module MacTavish and Sanderson recovered had already been compromised before its retrieval. Sergeant Foley leads his squad of Army Rangers, including Pvt. James Ramirez, in defense of a suburb in north-eastern against the Russian invasion. They then proceed towards a war-torn, where U.S.

Forces are fighting the Russians for control of the capital city. Meanwhile, 141 searches for evidence that implicates Makarov as the mastermind behind the airport massacre, as all proof of Makarov's involvement died with Allen. Intelligence leads them to a in Rio de Janeiro, where the team investigates leads on Makarov's contact, weapons dealer Alejandro Rojas. They find out from Rojas that Makarov's worst enemy, known as Prisoner #627, is locked up in a Russian. The Task Force assaults the prison and manages to free 627, who is revealed to be Captain Price.

Price agrees to aid Soap and Shepherd in tracking down Makarov, but decides that ending the war in America is their first priority. To end it, he temporarily goes rogue, and leads the 141 on a raid of a Russian port, where they gain control of a nuclear submarine.

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Price uses the submarine to launch a ballistic missile towards Washington D.C. He sets the warhead to detonate in the upper atmosphere, which unintentionally destroys the and creates an, which cripples vehicles and electronic equipment on both sides, giving the Americans a slight advantage. Back on the ground, Ramirez and his fellow squad mates seek shelter from the disabled aircraft that are now literally falling from the sky, and proceed to the. There, they receive a transmission informing them that the Air Force is preparing to carpet bomb the entire city to deny the Russians a strong foothold. Foley's squad fight their way to the White House and set off flares in the nick of time, aborting the air strike.