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Complete Linux Server Setup Guide Creating a Counter-Strike: Source/Half-Life 2: Deathmatch Server/Day of Defeat: Source/Team Fortress 2 Linux Setup Guide • Create a folder called srcds _l (Thats a lower case L for linux!), usually done in your home directory, where you want to base your server installation and have all content stored. • Grab hldsupdatetool and put it in your srcds _l directory you just created.


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Wget Make the hldsupdatetool executable via chmod. Chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin• Run hldsupdatetool - This just extracts our steam client./hldsupdatetool.bin Say YES to agree to the following license prompt and your done. • Now we will run the Steam client to download the game content. Two game types are available: - For CS: Source, its: 'Counter-Strike Source' - For HL2: Deathmatch, its: 'hl2mp' (HL2 Multiplayer, not HL2DM). To download CS: Source data files for a CS: Source server, type:./steam -command update -game 'Counter-Strike Source' -dir.(NOTE!!!!!: the. Welcome to my 24/7 Dust only server! Obviously you would use something more creative here and easier on the eye, you can include all forms of html formatting tags (tables, divs, background colours etc).

Alternatively, you can specify a URL in the MOTD file on its own line as follows: And CS: Source/HL2: DM/DoDS/TF2 will actually load the file from that address given and display it to the user, so you can update your MOTD externally from your servers. • Time to launch our newly created server. To confirm the directory and file structure, you should have: - ~/srcds _l/srcds _run - ~/srcds _l/steam - ~/srcds _l/cstrike/motdserver1.txt - ~/srcds _l/cstrike/mapcycleserver1.cfg - ~/srcds _l/cstrike/cfg/server1.cfg Notice how only the server configuration file is in the /cfg folder, the other two files reside in the /cstrike folder. To launch our server, now type from ~/srcds _l:./srcds _run -console -game cstrike -port 27015 +ip +map de _dust +maxplayers 14 +exec server1.cfg Our command line has the following parameters: - -console --> Enable console mode/view - -game cstrike --> Which game we are making a server for (cstrike or hl2mp) - -port 27015 --> Which port this server should be accessible on.

We are using the default of 27015 for our first server. - +ip --> Bind IP Address of this server. This should be your external IP Address, not LAN address. Having this set incorrectly could cause people not being able to join your server, or have 'RCON Not working' via HLSW or ingame console (Connection refused errors). - +map de _dust --> Which map to start the server on, we already have this defined in our config file, but we do it again in the command line for good measure.

+maxplayers 14 --> How many players may join this server. - +exec server1.cfg --> The almighty configuration file for this server, we tell srcds to execute this file on startup and load the servers settings.

Your dedicated server should now be operational. To create our second server, we would repeat the above steps, but instead of creating motdserver1.txt, mapcycleserver1.cfg and server1.cfg, we would call the files motdserver2.txt, mapcycleserver2.cfg and server2.cfg Then, we would launch the server like so:./srcds _run -console -game cstrike -port 27035 +ip +map de _dust +maxplayers 14 +exec server2.cfg There are two important changes in this command line for our second server. - The -port command now has a parameter of 27035 (thats 20 ports higher than our first server, 27015).