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Welcome to CBSE Accountancy Projects Offering a wide selection of Accountancy Projects on hundreds of topics Accountancy Projects has been created by team of Accountancy Professionals who have designed the Comprehensive and Specific Projects with solutions to meet the requirements of CBSE students of class 11th and 12th. The team includes Accountancy teachers of CBSE schools with minimum teaching experience of 10 years and professionals from various business fields who have been guiding entrepreneurs to set up their business with unconventional approach. The basic idea of developing this site is not only to provide tailor-made accountancy projects to help CBSE students but to introduce them with the prevailing trends in business and also help them understand entrepreneurship in this changed era of globalization. This project is case study of a Tiffin service started by Savita who was a house wife.

Her husband was a small time caterer. Savita found that in nearby offices, many people were looking for home like cooked food and many companies were providing food to their staff. Though Sarita was Higher secondary pass but she was an extrovert in communications, had some command on English and was very calculative so she decided to start her own catering service. PS: This project includes: Journal Entries, Ledger Accounts, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and Accounting Ratios with Graphs.

This project is the case study of a Chocolate manufacturing unit started by Param who is a tech savvy housewife, having a passion to make chocolates. She learnt at internet and also joined professional classes to learn making of different varieties of chocolates. To create a brand and promote online sales, she also got hosted a website in the name of “Choco-Smile”. She hired workers to help her in making and supplies of the chocolates. She created a market where people started asking the chocolates by the brand name of “Choco-Smile”. She had big business plans for future.

PS: This project includes: Journal Entries, Ledger Accounts, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Accounts, Balance Sheet and Accounting Ratios with Graphs.


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I assure you that this project of mine will fetch you a very good score. Go to the links below for the following. Solved Comprehensive Project Cbse Class 12 Accountancy Project Solved Accounting Ratios with Balance Sheet(vertical) and Statement of Profit and Loss - Cbse Class 12 Accountancy Project Solved Cash Flow Statements with Balance Sheet (vertical) and Notes to Accounts - Cbse Class 12 Accountancy Project