Contoh Naskah Dialog Drama 6 Orang Percakapan Bahasa Sunda Dan

Contoh dialog drama 6 orang percakapan dalam bahasa sunda percakapan l, percakapan bahasa inggris 2 orang, contoh percakapan bahasa indonesia,,,,,. Contoh Dialog Drama 6 Orang - END Demikian contoh naskah drama 6 orang pemeran, semoga bermanfaat. Contoh naskah drama 5 orang, contoh naskah drama, dan.

A SURPRISE IN TOURIST RESORT Setting:Jackie Poo is sitting and drinking ice tea.Poo: Yesterday I met Jadi,he is a good businessman now. How about my chairmate John. I think i want to call him.

( I say it to him self ) (On The Phone)Poo: Hi Morning,Is this John?John: Yes,Its me Poo,how are you today?Poo: Im fineJohn: Long time no see,hows your life?How about your work?Poo: Great,I work as a general manager in IT Coorporation, and i ever work for JOT ( JKT48 Official Team )John: Wow,meee too, I am success. I have my own tourist resort in JapanPoo: Wow unbelieveable,you live in Japan. Next week I have holiday. Can I come there??John: Of course, 3days in my resort,free. You musnt pay.Poo: Really??OMG.'s game information and ROM (ISO) download page for Spyro - Year of the Dragon (v1.1) (Sony Playstation). Spyro year of the dragon greatest hits iso file8279926 player.

Failed to initialise d3d11 error code 0 sniper elite 3. (*One week later Poo comes to Johns Resort )Poo: Hi.John, Im ComingJohn: Ive been waiting for an hour. Lets come in. Welcome to my resort! Wow your bring many bags. Let me help you.

Hey you come here! ( John says it to Miyasaka )Miyasaka: Yes what??John: Help my friend bring his bags now!Miyasaka: Who is he??Is he Eleanors family??Poo: Who is Eleanor??Miyasaka: Eleanor is.John: He is my friend,my secretary. Hey take a rest friend. Miyasaka bring him to thid room.Now!

Contoh Naskah Dialog Drama 6 Orang Percakapan Bahasa Sunda Dan

(One the Way to Room)Miyasaka:Where do you come from Mr.??Poo: Please call me Poo. Im from IndonesiaMiyasaka: Are you Eleanors friend or??Poo: No, Idont know who is she. Im Johns friendMiyasaka: How do you know this resort?Poo: Last week JohniInvinted me to have holiday here. He gives me 3 days free hereMiyasaka: How did John give it??Poo: He is your boss,owner this resort.

He can do everythingMiyasaka: Its ok. You can take a rest ( After that Miyasaka calls Eleanor and she tells everything)(On The Phone)Miyasaka: Hi miss are you still in London?when will you be back to Japan?Eleanor: Maybe Friday whats wrong?Miyasaka: Someone is having holiday in our resort. He said that he got free holiday from JohnEleanor: What?I never give anything like that to John.Miyasaka: Yes,I know so?Eleanor: Okay, Im afraid okay Ill be back to Japan tonight The Next dayMiyasaka is showing Poo to EleanorMiyasaka: He is Poo,who get free holiday from JohnEleanor: Okay Ill try to handle it. Help me okay!Miyasaka: What will we do?Eleanor: Ill ask him (Poo) and you ask John Poo is sitting near the warm swimming poolEleanor: Hmm,beautiful morning right sir?Poo: Er hmm who are you?(He is shocked when he look to Eleanor)Eleanor: Can I join to sit here?Poo: Of course,missEleanor: Why do you choose this place?Poo: My friend invited me to have holiday here.Eleanor: Who?Poo: John,owner of this resort. How about you?Are you in Holiday?Eleanor:No, I work here.