Darksiders 2 Artbook Download

Darksiders 2 Popularity. 44 27 comments. Should 4 go back to the Zelda-esque style? North carolina drivers handbook audio. I have a question about artbook of Darksiders 3 (self.Darksiders).

A while ago I've read on this sub that there are 2 Artbooks coming back on the market, Darksiders 1 & 2 Artbooks. * Available on Amazon for who's interested. However I already have the Hellbook version of Darksiders 1, and also have the artbook chronicle of Darksiders 2. So my question right now is how much these 'new' Artbooks will be different of what Artbooks I already have. I'm a big fan of the Darksiders series, however if these Artbooks turn out to be just bigger but quite the same als the ones I have, I don't really feel the need to buy them. If anyone could help me out or has any info please let me know!


Thanks in advance!