Determinism And Possibilism In Geography Pdf Notes For Ipad

Determinism Possibilism (i)It refers to the point of view supporting environment control on human action. (i)It refers to the physical environ-ment for humans to exploit it for their benefits. (ii)The determinism generally emphasis on human as a passive agent influenced by the environmental factors determine their attitude, decision-making and life style. (ii)The emphasis is firmly placed on human rather than nature.


Jun 3, 2018 - Find an answer to your question what is Neo determinism. Determinism is the middle path of environmental determinism and possibilism. Moj syabr sachinenne pa bel move lyrics.

(iii)The scholars who supported deter-minism were Greek and Roman scholars. (iii)Lucian Febvre and Vidal de la Blache advocated and developed system-atically the school of possibilism. Human geography studies the inter-relationship between the physical environment and sociocultural environment created by human beings through mutual interaction with each other.

(i)The process of adaptation, adjustment with and modification of the environment started with the appearance of human beings over the surface of the earth in different ecological niches. Thus, if we imagine the beginning of human geography with the interaction of environment and human beings, it has its roots deep in history. (ii)Thus, the concerns of human geography have a long temporal continuum though the approaches to articulate them have changed over time.

This dynamism in approaches and thrusts shows the vibrant nature of the discipline. Human beings interact with their physical environment with the help of technology. Technology indicates the level of cultural development of society. (i)In the early stages of their interaction with their natural environment humans were greatly influenced by the nature. They adapted to the dictates of nature. This is so because the level of technology was very low and the stage of human social development was also primitive.

(ii)This type of interaction between primitive human society and strong forces of nature was termed as environmental determinism. At that stage of very low technological development, we can imagine the presence of a naturalised human, who listened to nature was afraid of its fury and worshipped it. (iii)In this situation in early stage of man’s evolution technology development was at a low level. Man obeyed the nature and was afraid of her fury and worshipped the nature. This situation can be seen in several tribal areas in India. (iv)The tribes of central India Abujh Maad wears a small loin cloth and has a small axe. They practice primitive agriculture by clearing a piece of land in forest.

He drinks water from a stream. He gathers roots and leaves to eat. This example shows the relationship of a man and nature. (v)There is direct dependence of human beings on nature for resources which sustain them. The physical environment for such societies becomes the “Mother Nature”.

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