Diablo 2 Median Xl Item Pack


Median XL Ultimative is a mod for Diablo II: Lords of Destruction created. Features: • Skills: Each caracter now has a total of 30 skills, all of them new. A lot of new interesting builds.Hunderds of item-only skills, for those who are a bit more experimented in the game. • Uberquests: A whole bunch of endgame uberquests, that give strong rewards for those able to complete them. All of them connected to the amazing Diablo II Lore, with custom maps & monster animations. • Challenges: Several challenges that are based on completing them at early level, or require certain tricks to be completed.These will grant you with powerful rewards, even with new powerful skills. • Monsters: Overhauled most monsters, added several new monster tiers, such as Heroic, Elite & Veteran.

Oct 15, 2017 - Median XL - Tools. D2SE - Modmanager. Author Seltsamuel Version 2. The D2SE Modmanager allows you to use any of the Diablo 2 versions.

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All monsters have new skills and improved AI's, making the questing stage of the game a lot more fun. • Items:All items are new, completely redone uniques, and added a lot of them as well. Some early items can even be obtained by a few recipes, but the strongest ones will only drop in the hardest difficulty. • Multiplayer: Online playability, either by TCP/IP or Closed Realms. Join TSW for the greatest online playability! How to install: Use D2SE Modmanager. Once installed this tool will create 'Mods' folder in game's folder.

Diablo 2 median xl builds

Then you need to unpack Median XL Ultimative archive into that 'Mods' folder and activate the project using D2SE Modmanager. More detailed instructions can be found in readme file. Popular files for Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Name Type Size Date Total 7 days patch 6 MB 6/16/2016 56.4K 790 mod 303.6 MB 7/8/2018 31.8K 234 mod 323.4 KB 3/11/2018 5.1K 155 mod 149.1 MB 1/13/2019 5.8K 89 mod 631.5 KB 2.1K 51 mod 79.2 MB 1/4/2015 6.9K 42 mod 43.6 MB 1/14/2018 2.3K 40 mod 54.7 MB 3/11/2018 1.5K 38 mod 468.8 MB 8/5/2018 2.1K 38 mod 14.5 MB 3/9/2019 3.8K 38 mod 85.5 MB 1/6/2019 355 36 mod 6.2 MB 5/21/2018 1.3K 33 mod 4.8 MB 1/14/2018 1.8K 30 mod 307.5 MB 1.5K 27 mod 407.2 MB 7/17/2016 6.7K 20 mod 5.1 MB 11/2/2015 4.2K 17.