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Modern Books Light on Life (Not only the best Vedic astrology book in English, but a huge number of insights and gems for Western astrologers too.) by Hart de Fouw and Robert Svoboda Path of Light vol. 1 & 2 (Truly excellent new books by a brilliant and generous astrologer who shares his great depth of understanding of Jyotish. Highly Recommended!) by James Kelleher New Techniques of Prediction 1 & 2 (For advanced Vedic astrologers only, the brilliant predictive methods and understandings of a great Jyotish master) by H.R. Seshadri Iyer Learn Astrology The Easy Way (For beginning to intermediate students of Vedic astrology, this provides a very good education in Vedic astrology.) by Dr. Kapoor A Thousand Suns an excellent new Vedic book that covers a huge range of Vedic topics in a very accessible and easy-to-read conversational style. Highly Recommended! By Linda Johnsen Astro Sutras Events and Nativities and Art of Predictions (excellent books by the late excellent astrologer Bhasin) by JN Bhasin How to Read a Bhava (a very small book that condenses divisional chart analysis quite well) by Dr.

Vasan Varshphal or Annual Horoscope (an excellent book on Vedic Solar Returns) by Sumeet Chugh Predictive Astrology - An Insight (a comprehensive & excellent analysis of planets in houses) by Dinesh S. Mathur Practical Vedic Astrology (a fine compendium of 25 years of the authors notes, well organized) by G. Agarwal How to Read Your Horoscope (newly reprinted – excellent modern interpretations of lordships, planets in signs and houses, etc.) By James E. Higgins III and Tom Hopke Vault of the Heavens (a lovely and comprehensive textbook on Vedic astrology, complete with modern interpretations of the lordships for each Lagna, and more.) & Core Yogas (a unique, descriptive, and comprehensive analysis of yogas) both by Ernst Wilhelm Navamsa in Astrology (extensive examination of the navamsa and classical approaches to it.) by Chandulal S. Patel A Course in Indian Astrology (101 lessons in astrology by knowledgeable Jyotishis) by Prof. Muthuswamy and Prof. Dharmaraja Iyer Dr.

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My self a scientist in pharma industry learning Astrology is a passion for me besides chemistry and computers.My aptitude has been analytical chemistry, which I had specialized in my Master’s degree in chemistry and MBA (Systems) along with Jyotish Praveen from ICAS.I have devoted most of my career in gaining practical knowledge and experience in the field of chemistry and astrology, where my performance has been rated to be exception by my peers. Having studies chemistry five years and astrology still studying and spent 16 years in the pharmaceutical field,I have developed good understading,enthusiasm and zeal to look innovatively at analytical problems for finding solutions. For success,I personallyfeel it is important to have three things viz.clear understanding of objects clear strategy and planning for systemic execution.i have always implemented this my profession with great success remembering the Ralph Waldo Emerson’s words “Do not go where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”. “Mukhe Mukhe Saraswathi” Always The Blessings Of Brihaspati. This Page is not responsible for any kind of copyright violation.

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