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Playlist Iptv M3u Torrent

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I'm fairly new to IPTV but I know some sites give free M3U8 playlists for download. I don't exactly want to pay for a provider because I have regular cable but I'm looking at this as an alternative. If I can get channels to play consistently I may just cut the cords altogether.

I'm trying to not pay a lot or not at all for IPTV. Are there any specific sites that give out free M3U8 playlists that are stable and consistently play well, and if there aren't any then which is the best provider for its price value? Mate I have use funky iptv since october and its decent.

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30 pound for a year and i got a free back up for when things go down like it does for most iptv providers. There is a telegram group for support and info. Just checked the group I think the name change to Pulsating IPTV. He always do deals he gave me a discount case I bought 2 subs same time and always has deals for different subs but I just went with main sub has everything I want.

Also the epg is decent too occasionally is blank but comes back. The backup does not have epg though • • • • •.