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•: June 26, 2012 (PSN) •: June 27, 2012 (PSN) •: June 28, 2012 Mode(s), Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is a video game co-developed by and as part of the series. The game was released for the on November 13, 2007 in North America; November 15, 2007 in Japan; and on November 30, 2007 in Europe, excluding Germany, where the game is not available due to the refusal of a rating and its subsequent inclusion in the.

Resident evil the umbrella chronicles pc utorrent software free download

It was followed. Both Chronicles games are included on the Resident Evil Chronicles HD Collection for the. The game exposes the 's meddling throughout the Resident Evil series through narration from, a former Umbrella Corporation scientist, and hidden documents pertaining to the organization's secret motives and actions. The game is composed of five scenarios that recapitulate the events of, the, and, as well as new material pertaining to the Umbrella Corporation's downfall. Using her taser counterattack The Umbrella Chronicles is an on-rails shooter. Players follow a pre-set path, shooting enemies and picking up optional weapons and health items, occasionally choosing between multiple paths. Using the analog stick or the nunchuk, players can look around in a limited manner.

In some cases, the Wii Remote can be used to activate melee weapons against enemies where the camera shifts to a third-person view, or use timed button presses in certain to evade traps and enemy attacks. Each stage is split into individual chapters and contains save checkpoints at the end of each chapter. Stars are obtained at the end of each stage, based on the player's performance, which can be used to upgrade weapons. To unlock some levels and sublevels, the player needs a certain ranking, 'S' being the best. The amount of destroyed items, obtained objects, files, critical hits and clear time affects this. Upon beating Hunk's '4th Survivor' mission, will be unlocked for the single-player missions. When selecting characters, an option will appear on the screen to select co-op mode.

Both players will play as the same character, but each player will have their own aiming reticule. Plot [ ] The Umbrella Chronicles encompasses several scenarios, which are based on various plot elements from the series. The game's first three scenarios, 'Train Derailment', 'The Mansion Incident', and 'Raccoon's Destruction', are set within, or its surrounding area, in 1998. The final scenario, which is based on new material, is set in Russia, taking place in 2003. The game features nine playable characters from previous Resident Evil games, including,,,,,,,,. The game's first scenario, based on the events of, follows STARS operative Rebecca Chambers, and former Marine Billy Coen as they venture through a train that eventually takes them to a derelict training facility.