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Contents • • • • • Synopsis [ ] It's the story of Karan () and Pooja (), who are studying in the same college in Pune. They fall in love and everything seems to be going fine until one day, while visiting her brother in Mumbai, Pooja's flight is hijacked by a group of terrorists, following the arrest of their leader Ashraf-ul-Haq Mallik. The hijacking has been engineered by Pooja's brother Vijay Varma (), who is in league with the terrorist head Akhmash Jalal. Vijay is unaware of the fact that his sister is on the flight.

When he realises this, he is unable to do anything as Akhmash forbids him from doing anything to jeopardise their mission. Karan risks his life and rescues Pooja and the other passengers while ridding of all the hijackers on the plane, thus inviting the wrath of Akhmash and Vijay.

Akhmash then sets out to kill Karan. On the other hand, Vijay puts his foot down when Pooja reveals her intentions of marrying Karan. Pooja and Karan decide to escape, but they are chased and nabbed by Akhmash and his men and held captive in his den. Akhmash then tries to blackmail the Indian government by demanding the release of his leader Ashraf-ul-Haq Mallik as ransom for the lives of Karan and Pooja.

The Indian government decides to release Ashraf-ul-Haq Mallik to rescue Karan. In the last scene there is a fight between Karan and the terrorists and all are killed, including Ashraf-ul-Haq Mallik.

Yeh Dil Aashiqana Full Movie Download Free

Karan and Pooja are united. This was Karan's most successful film to date, and was the first superhit film that year and was hugely popular among the masses. It also has arguably the most audacious helicopter stunt flying in Bollywood, done by Colonel Shaili Sharma, piloting a Bell 206L at knee-height in restricted rocky terrain near Hyderabad. This becomes the high point of the film towards the climax, along with the qawwaali 'Allah Allah' composed by Nadeem Shravan. Cast [ ] • as Karan • as Pooja • as Vijay Varma (Pooja's brother) • as Akhmash Jalaal • as Professor • Mohan Azaad • as Airport Patrolling Staff • Uzair Shah • Amitab Bachchan Soundtrack [ ] The soundtrack is composed by the music duo. Lyrics were written.

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The music became popular, especially the track Allah Allah. Obrazci pechatej cdr. According to the Indian trade website, with around 16,000,000 units sold, this film's soundtrack album was the year's twelfth highest-selling. Track No Song Singer 1 Allah Allah (Qawali),, Tauseef Akhtar, Sabri Bros, Uzair Shah 2 College Ki Ladkiyan 3 Dhak Chik Dana, 4 I Am In Love, 5 Jab Se Dil 6 Jab Se Main 7 Utha Le Jaoonga Tujhe Mai Dholi Mai, 8 Yeh Dil Aashiquana, 9 Yeh Dil Aashiquana (Remix), Jividha Sharma References [ ].