Zhak Shirak Prezentaciya

• Total 350,000+ UTC+3 • Summer () not observed Zakho (: Zaxo‎,; زاخۆ,: زاخو‎;: זאכו;: Զախո;: ܙܵܟ̣ܘ̇‎; ) is a city in, at the centre of the eponymous of the of, located a few kilometers from the. The city has a population of 350,000. It may have originally begun on a small island surrounded on all sides by the river, which flows through the modern city. The Khabur flows west from Zakho to form the border between Iraq and Turkey, continuing into the. The most important rivers in the area are the Zeriza, Seerkotik and the aforementioned.

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In July 2010, Zakho became the seat of the, one of only eleven public universities in the region. Contents • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Etymology [ ] The derivation of the name 'Zakho' is from the word zāḵū (זָכוּ, 'victory'), after the battle fought between the and the near the city, which resulted in a Roman victory. History [ ] The town of Zakho was known to the ancient Greeks. In 1844, the traveller commented: 'The appearance of Zakho in the present day coincides in a remarkable manner with what it was described to be in the time of Xenophon.' Was convinced that Zakho was same place as the ancient town of Hasaniyeh.

Zhak Shirak Prezentaciya

She also reported that the first Christian missionary to the region, the Dominican friar Poldo Soldini, was buried there in 1779. His grave was still a pilgrimage destination in the 1950s. Demographics [ ] Jews of Zakho [ ] Zakho was formerly known for its s and large, ancient Jewish community and was known as 'The Jerusalem of Assyria'. The banks of the nearby are mentioned in the Bible as one of the places to which the Israelites were exiled (1 Chronicles, 5:26, 2 Kings 17:6, 2 Kings 18:11). The Jews spoke the of their ancestors and were also fluent in kurmanji, the language spoken by non-Jewish Kurds. Vuescan ubratj vodyanie znaki.

Kurdish society was primarly a tribal one. Jews of Zalho bore arms like Kurdish Muslims. There were an attack on the Jews in 1891, when one of the synagogues was burnt down. The troubles intensified in 1892. Most of the Jews relocated to Israel in the 1950s.

While the Jews of Zakho were among the least literate in the Jewish diaspora, they had a unique and rich oral tradition, known for its legends, epics and ballads, whose heroes came from both Jewish and Muslim traditions. Assyrians of Zakho [ ] Assyrians have lived in Zakho since at least the 5th century, with some Assyrian bishops being mentioned from the fifth to the seventh century, which indicates its long history (Chabot, 'Synodicon orientale', 676). Additionally, The city was the center of a up until the middle of the nineteenth century, when it was divided into three dioceses: Amadia, Zakho,. The historic diocese of Zakho corresponded with the ancient Diocese of Malta, formerly a suffragan of, and it had many Chaldean Catholic villages and parishes in the mountains to the north of the city. However, the diocese was recently merged(or in religious terminology, suppressed) back into the in 2013 due to becoming vacant after the death of its Bishop in 2010. Prior to merging with, The diocese comprised 3500 Assyrian Catholics, ten resident priests, fifteen parishes or stations, twenty churches and chapels, and one primary school.