360mpgui V1130exe


• 360MPGui can read the Title Update / Media ID from an ISO, Default.xex, GoD (Games on Demand) or Arcade game. This makes it easy for you to findout the Title Update ID and Media of your game so you can download the correct one, 360MPGui can also check the Title Update ID and Media ID of a downloaded Title Update.

Aside from its ability to help you manage and obtain title updates 360MPGui can also extract ISO's, create ISO's and provide information on the game, such as the dashboard version it requires to play and the region it is locked. The tool also has the ability to manage arcade games / DLC and unlock them for use if required. Download: (Mega) (ZippyShare). I am also getting the AutoIt error. From what I can dig up it has something to do with a certain hard-coded folder path not having any files in it.

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I have no idea what folder path it is, but I have one machine that doesn't get the error and one that does. Running the program as admin or disabling anti virus hasn't helped anyone (myself included) because it doesn't seem to be a permissions issue. I've never made anything with AutoIt but tomorrow I'll try to decompile/disassemble the exe and see if I can figure out what folder path is causing the error. The OP could save me the work, if he decides to visit the thread again. EDIT: Actually I'm not going to be doing this right now because I discovered that ISOs are working for my purpose. Might revisit later if I have a need to open them with this program.

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