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1 Anemoi 03:27 €0.13 2 He Is Listening 01:05 €0.13 3 Eyes Of A Cloud Catcher 04:50 €0.13 4 Silhouette Palette 02:59 €0.13 5 Of Keen Gaze 03:55 €0.13 6 Translations 04:15 €0.13 7 A Long Time Listening 07:15 €0.13 8 In The Dirtiest Deep Of Hope 03:23 €0.13 9 Yellow Nights 02:57 €0.13 10 Paused 04:14 €0.13 11 Implosions 04:50 €0.13 12 Almost At A Whisper 01:21 €0.13 13 Pianissimo 04:46 €0.13 14 One Winter Sailing 03:36 €0.13 15 Tiger Veil 05:13 €0.13 16 Above These City Lights 04:16 €0.13 17 Tempo 03:51 €0.13 00:00 € 0.00.

Even before players head into their first match, the game suggests they take part in a list of mini-game tutorials in order to get to grips with the controls. The result is a game that is neither simulation nor arcade but a subtle blend of the two, with a control system about as deep as an arcade fighter. Now before the uninitiated start running for the hills, it’s worth pointing out that despite offering considerable depth in its controls, is still very accessible. Pesgaming.

That isn't the only song, he also did the vocals Contaminate me. It's kind of ridiculous that any of you would expect their to be lots of harsh vocals on a Leprous album. Einar still does harsher vocals, even on the newer stuff.but I wouldn't call them 'growlies'. I'm reminded of something Maynard from Tool said when fans kept complaining about them not being heavy enough after 10,000 Days came out. I believe it was something along the lines of progressing as a band and as people. He goes on to explain that their old albums are still there for you to listen to if you want angry Tool.or in your case, Leprous.

I actually don't mind when some of these bands go for a more arena rock sound. Dream the Electric Sheep's newest is great. I have 100 great mind bending albums in rotation, why not a few poppier ones just to belt out on summer days? If you can pull that off my hat's off.

That being said I wouldn't expect leprous down that path anytime soon. They don't just have a minimalism to them but an off beat strangeness.

I can see anyone I know digging agent fresco if they gave it a chance. Leprous is more of an acquired taste imo. I listened to the leak three times today and what struck me is the Leprous - Agent Fresco convergence. AF's most recent record was much more Leprous-like, and this Leprous record is AF-like in a lot of respects.

That said, there's snippets of Bilateral-style riffs, melodies and chord progressions, too (eg Weight of Disaster). Plus real strings. There's a lot going on. But no truly heavy song. Congregation had some doozies. Malina is lighter.

In a way it's a more 'vocal' or song oriented record with more discreet nerd prog breakdowns. I was worried Einar had gone off the deep end with the vocal melismatics you hear on the live record (the word 'me' has like 4 syllables when he sings, like 'mayeeheeye'), which I can't stand.


But reassuringly he sounds like his own amazing self throughout Malina. I had very high hopes and was afraid I'd be bitterly disappointed after such amazing records as Coal and TC. I am not disappointed in the least. Whether this is a 8.5, 9 or 10 is still TBD but it's definitely at least an 8/10.