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What is the meaning of ' interfacing' here? Interfacing is such as ‘communication’ between two devices (or more) that works in a digital world (only know the logic '1' and '0') with a controlled object which is usually in analog quantities such as actuators and sensors.


Arduino & Delphi Cosplay. The RGB LED Shades use an Arduino Mini as the brains. I added an HC-06 Serial Bluetooth module to control the leds remotely. Jan 29, 2016 - How to receive data from the bluetooth HC-05 arduino to Delphi XE android? With arduino and HC - 05 both can be paired but a string from arduino. 1 or 0 to on/off LED'); pinMode(led,OUTPUT); Serial.begin(9600); } void.

Simple example is when you want to move a robotic arm with a computer. Here, the computer acts as a control center and a robot arm as the object of control. How to become a computer with only working on digital logic '1' and '0' to control a robotic arm? That is called 'interfacing' J. The second: data exchange. Vray 3.5 crack for revit 2017. For the data, it could have any kind of data but in binary logical level. I’ll explain it as you go along.

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The third: port as data entrance. Well, they are most important because as I described in the first paragraph, it’s rarely computer equipped with parallel or serial port for data exchange. One solution is using a converter, either usb to parallel (obsolete too) or usb to serial.

One of them is using a microcontroller to act as 'slave' that translates command from computer simultaneously. Another is using V-USB technique by issuing data to a USB port via libUsb driver. This method requires a microcontroller burned V-USB firmware. The difference, first technique actually using USB data frames sent to the external device, unlike the second option that converts into a classic serial protocol into USB payload. Okay, for easier we will choose second method and using Arduino as serial-ready board. For experiment, prepare an Arduino Uno, USB cable (type-B) and a PC / laptop.

For example, we will try to turned on/off internal LED that exist in Arduino Uno board (pin numbers 13) controlled by a executable application in laptop (written in Delphi). This program is intended as a simple representation of 'interfacing' in digital to analog world. Then, you could develop it for more complex applications, such as connects Arduino to other actuators (ex: motor driver for moving a robot arm). Here are all steps to on/off internal LED Arduino board on pin 13.