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Tendencies of development of international legal state cooperationparticipants of the commonwealth of independent states in the sphere of providing an ecological safety In article the overview of modern international legal regulation of an ecological safety in the Commonwealth of Independent States is provided. Ibp luxeon 500l rukovodstvo po ekspluataciidoc. Basic provisions of international agreements and acts of the model legislation of Inter-parliamentary assembly of the state Sides of the Commonwealth in the sphere of environmental protection and an ecological safety are researched.


The conclusion with model legal acts is drawn on requirement of harmonization of a national ecological system of law. The system of marketing authorization of medicines in the frameworks of the single market of the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union: comparative law research Marketing authorization is one of the important institutes of access to the single market. In the process of registration conformity with quality, assurance and efficiency that are sufficient for circulation within the single market is examined. The system of marketing authorization in the Eurasian Economic Union is based upon model of the European internal market.

The marketing authorization of medicines in the European Union and the Eurasian Economic Union is built on the same principles and is carried out in the similar forms (a decentralized procedure and a mutual recognition procedure).At the same time in virtue of differences in the degree of integration there are some specific features that may influence the circulation of medicines on the single market. First of all, the sedifference sare connected withinteraction bet ween countrie sin the frame worksof the single market. The competition between legal orders aimed at involvement of pharmaceuticals developers, a lack of clear criteria for refusal to recognize the marketing authorization granted in another country, an ineffective system of resolution of disputes between states in the course of registration, a determination of interchangeability of medicines on the national level – all these aspects can affect freedom of the circulation of pharmaceuticals in the frameworks of medicines as well as have an negative impact on the quality, assurance and efficiency of pharmaceuticals circulating on the single market. The order of International court of justice on the application of the international convention for the suppression of the financing of terrorism and of the international convention on the elimination of all forms of racial discrimination (provisional measures, Ukraine vs. Russia) The author presents a brief overview of the ICJ Order of 19 April 2017 on Application of the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (Provisional Measures, Ukraine v.

Russia) and accompanies it with several comments. In his opinion, Ukraine's position is unprepared and Russia's position is too expectant. The position of the Court appears to be a compromise and therefore acceptable for both Ukraine and Russia. Some conclusions of the Court, however, seem unconvincing. In general, the Order is not a significant event both in the legal sense and in the political sense.

He proposes to review the established in doctrine co-relation of principles constructing adequate legal hierarchy between them. This, according to author, could be considered as a New International Law base which would allow to solve many of the existing International Law problems and to get in future a more efficient International Law system. As a main goal of a New International Law the author sees a harmony of rights and legal interests of peoples of all states in accordance with the rights and legal interests of a mankind as a whole.