Bomberman Blast Wii Pal Wads

Refer to my post I just made in the WiiWare Releases thread. While I'm here maybe someone can shed some light on this. These are the original modes in bomberman blast 1. PAL (progressive) Resolution: 640x528 2. PAL (progressive) Resolution: 640x528 3.


Online gameplay video of Bomberman Blast for Nintendo Wii. The first two matches (four rounds) are ranked (random) worldwide matches. The last battle (two rounds) is a friend match. Bomberman Blast Wad Ntsc mediafire links free download, download Bomberman Blast (Wiiware) (NTSC), Bomberman Blast (Wiiware) (NTSC), Bomberman Blast NTSC WiiWare Wii Power - bomberman blast wad ntsc mediafire files.

PAL (progressive) Resolution: 640x264 4. NTSC (interlaced) (a.k.a. NTSC 480i) Resolution: 640x480 5.

MPAL (interlaced) Resolution: 640x480 6. PAL (interlaced) (a.k.a. PAL 576i) Resolution: 640x528 7. PAL60 (interlaced) (a.k.a.

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PAL 480i) Resolution: 640x480 8. PAL60 (progressive) (a.k.a. PAL 480p) Resolution: 640x480 Using the Video Mode Changer smart patcher PAL -> NTSC changes it to this 1. PAL (progressive) Resolution: 640x528 2.


PAL (progressive) Resolution: 640x528 3. PAL (progressive) Resolution: 640x264 4. NTSC (interlaced) (a.k.a. NTSC 480i) Resolution: 640x480 5. MPAL (interlaced) Resolution: 640x480 6. MPAL (interlaced) Resolution: 640x480 7. NTSC (interlaced) (a.k.a.

NTSC 480i) Resolution: 640x480 8. NTSC (progressive) (a.k.a. NTSC 480p) Resolution: 640x480 480i still flickers and I'm not really sure why. Even when you change every mode to ntsc 480i it still does it, like somehow it's still display a pal mode. Anyone have any idea why? Why would 480p work ok and not 480i?