Brgy Dela Paz Pasig City Zip Code

Nov 11, 2010 - So the Zip code of Dela Paz, Pasig City is 1608. Lucia's zip code is 1608, where it can be found in Brgy. De la paz, the best zip code therefore.

: +63 (0)02 1st city income class Revenue (₱) 8,271.3 million (2016) Native languages Tagalog Website Pasig, officially the City of Pasig, (: Lungsod ng Pasig), or simply known as Pasig City, is a 1st class in,. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 755,300 people. Located along the eastern border of, Pasig is bordered on the west by and; to the north by; to the south by, the municipality of, and; and to the east by the municipalities of and in the province of. The city shares its name with the which runs through it and forms its southwestern and southeastern borders with and respectively, while the forms its western border with.

The artificial, built in 1986, begins at its confluence with the in its northeast. A formerly, Pasig is primarily residential and industrial, but has been becoming increasingly in recent years, particularly after the construction of the business district in its west. The city is home to the, based in, a landmark built around the same time as the town's foundation in 1573. Pasig was formerly part of province before the formation of, the of the country. The seat of government of Rizal was hosted in Pasig at the old Rizal Provincial Capitol until a new capitol was opened in, within Rizal's jurisdiction in 2009. However it remains the de jure, or official capital of the province. This section does not any.

Unsourced material may be challenged. ( September 2015) () The city's name Pasig was believed to have come from the old word 'pasega', meaning 'sand' (similar to Malay ), which refers to the tribal community beside the sandy edges of the river. Some historians believed that El Pasig came from 'Legazpi' (, the explorer well known for being involved in the ', and was the first Governor-General of the Spanish.

It was pronounced 'mapaksik' by the Pre-Hispanic Chinese inhabitants of, ('Mabagsik' is for 'terrifying' - depicting the river's raging current during the, causing massive floods on nearby towns and villages, destroying wide hectares of farmland, and even bringing huge amounts of logs and water lilies from,, and towards Colonial Manila). 'Mapaksik' later became 'Pah-sik', and was then changed to what is now 'Pasig'. It may have also come from the Tagalog word 'dalampasigan', which means '. According to Jose Villa Panganiban, the former director of the Institute of National Language, 'Pasig' is another ancient Sanskrit word meaning 'a waterway coming from one body of water to another,' which briefly describes the river because its flow starts from Laguna de Bay, leading to.

Climate [ ] The runs through the months of November to April, while the starts in May and lasts to November. The wet season reaches its peak in the month of August. Maximum in Muntinlupa usually occurs from the month of June to September. The average annual of rainfall is 2,014.8 millimeters with a peak of 420.0 millimeters in July and a low 26.9 millimeters in April. The highest occurs during the month of April and May (34 degrees Celsius) while the lowest occurs during the months of January & February (24 degrees Celsius). The Philippines, due to its geographical location, is one of the Asian countries often affected. It is located within the so-called “typhoon belt”.

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Generally, typhoon season starts from June and ends in November. However, the rest of the months are not entirely free of the typhoons since they are unpredictable in nature and might enter the country anytime of the year. Old center of Pasig at the Pasig City Museum and near the Early history [ ] There are no surviving firsthand accounts of the history of Pasig before Spanish colonizers arrived in 1573 and established the settlement which they called the Ciudad-Municipal de Pasig. However, surviving genealogical records and folk histories speak of a thriving indigenous community () on the banks of the Bitukang Manok river (now nearly extinct, and known as Parian Creek), which eventually became modern-day Pasig. The greatest rulers of this pre-colonial polity are named and by the legends, which also say that they are closely related to the pre-colonial rulers of. The creek was given the name 'Bitukang Manok' ( for 'Chicken '), due to the serpentine shape of its waterway.