Captain Tsubasa 2 Hack Strikers Team Hex Code

Captain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker is the second game in the titular franchise, a role-playing take on the sport of soccer. ROMs, ISOs, Games. The main character is Team Captain Oozora Tsubasa playing with other skilled opponents like Hyuga, Misaki and Wakabayashi, etc. Which became part of his team in the final World Cup stage in Brazil. For Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker on the NES, GameFAQs has 11 cheat codes and secrets. Captain Tsubasa II: Super Striker – Cheats NES.

Hi ^^ Well to start this thread, I have some passwords & a request ^^ The request can we play as Diaz and Coimbra in CT2?! I saw a video on YouTube proving it IS possible!

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Check this thread out and find one. Youtube and Twitch channels of Captain Tsubasa streamers. A spreadsheet with every single SR+ player, sorted by their total power. A spreadsheet with every single player in the game and the skills they know.


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• No discussion whatsoever on hacking or modding the game, nor of methods of illegally exploiting or cheating the game. Additionally, we do not allow the trading, buying or selling of accounts or dreamballs. • Please use the Questions Megathread for all general team advice questions and simple question posts. Crack kasparov chess mate serial download free. These kinds of posts may be closed and deleted by the moderators.

• Please keep all club recruitment posts to the Recruitment Megathread. These kinds of posts will be closed and deleted by the moderators. • Threads that the moderators feel have inappropriate content or are breaking the subreddit's rules will be removed. Repeat offenders may be temporarily banned before being removed from the subreddit outright. I think it's impossible to go that high. I can win up to 12-0 but that means I don't get to choose who scores (pass the ball and you don't make it) and I need both forwards to grab the ball asap, then shoot.

This also means a weak keeper, and a lower power team, because the opponent MFs need to be SSRs, otherwise you don't get to steal the ball every time. And that just nets me a bit over 100k. Giant killer just gives you tsubasa points = power difference between both teams / 10.