Cara Connection Lumia 510 Dengan Pc

May 26, 2017 - SHAREit for Windows Phone, free and safe download. Using direct Wi-Fi connections, SHAREit can send files, photos, videos, and apps from. How to Reset a Nokia Lumia 520. Resetting your Nokia Lumia 520 Windows device is useful in the event you want to sell or give away your phone and wipe all your personal data, or when you want to correct any ongoing software problems.

You`ll need to make sure the device you are trying to pair up with also has bluetooth capability. To send or receive files via bluetooth, install the bluetooth share app for your windows phone here: Make sure bluetooth is turned on on both devices. On your Lumia 510`s start screen, swipe left and select bluetooth share>share. Pair your phone to the device now, if not already paired. You can select the paired device from your recent list, or hit 'others' if this is first time pairing with the new device. Hit Pictures or Files and select the item you want to send and hit Share via Bluetooth.

Since the virus came from your computer please clear your computer first so your other device will not get infected. Here is how you can clean your computer. Click the arrow up on the task bar to show hidden icons. Open your Antivirus(I use Eset). Click Computer Scan.

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Click Smart Scan if you are using eset too or full scan if you are using other antivirus. Delete every virus that it detects. Here are the screenshots of the process above.

1.- 2.- 3.- 4.- Now your computer is cleaned I want you to clear your phone. Warning: This cleaning process will erase everything on your phone and you cannot backup the files since it will backup the virus too. Open your phone`s settings. Select Storage.

On the SD card section tap format SD card. Now go back to settings. Tap Backup and Reset. Select Factory Data Reset. Wait for the phone to reboot.

Now your phone and SD card is virus free. Note: You can install an antivirus app on your phone to avoid getting infected in the future. Also always scan the files before you open it. You can download Antivirus for your phone from the link. Translation: Karena virus itu datang dari komputer Anda, silakan membersihkan komputer anda terlebih dahulu sehingga perangkat lain tidak akan terinfeksi.

Cara connection lumia 510 dengan pc download

Berikut adalah bagaimana Anda dapat membersihkan komputer Anda. Klik panah pada task bar untuk menampilkan ikon tersembunyi. Buka Antivirus Anda ( saya menggunakan Eset ). Klik Komputer Scan. Klik Scan Smart jika Anda menggunakan ESET juga atau scan penuh jika Anda menggunakan antivirus lainnya.