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Corvus Games Terrain is a 3D printed wargaming terrain/scenery shop. Warhammer 40k, Space Hulk, Gaslands, Post-Apocalyptic, and Legion themed 3D printer STL files and terrain / scenery. 3D Printer Parts, Filament & Materials Discussion related to 3D Printer parts, such as hot ends, extruders, and anything else you may want to discuss related to printer parts, as well as filament.

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With the launch of later this month, we’re getting really excited for everything Warhammer 40K. While 3D printing the miniatures could be fun, we’ve stumbled across some weapons that are scaled to be prop weapons. The three prints we’ll be looking at today all come from. This is the same man who we very recently featured Ritthanondh has recreated three popular weapons commonly seen on the miniatures and concept art of the Inquisitors: a handgun, sword. Looking at the handgun first, Ritthanondh states that it pairs nicely with any Warhammer 40K cosplay, and we have to agree. The multiple small parts just need to be printed and glued together, with decorative screws and a paint job to finish it off.

157 shares • • • • A Reddit user posted a picture of his for the tabletop miniature game. The work-in-progress army isn’t perfect, but it’s close enough to the real thing that I would imagine Games Workshop – the games manufacturer – might start to get a little worried.

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The growing popularity of 3D printing figures and armies for Warhammer games, to me, says more about the rapidly increasing prices of Games Workshop products than the current accessibility of 3D printers. Armies can regularly cost several hundred dollars, and, depending on the army being created, it can get uncomfortably close to $1000. The Redditer that printed this army said these models would have cost in excess of $300, and the army isn’t even complete yet. Being able to 3D print a complete Warhammer army has long been a dream for many a fan of the game, and quite a few manage to do it successfully. But realisticall,y the printers available today are simply not capable of producing the level of detail that the figures typically possess, so you can argue that it probably isn’t a huge concern at the moment. However, that is rapidly changing, not only with improving post processing methods and higher quality FFF/FDM 3D printers, but machines using light cured resins like the from Formlabs are already producing models detailed enough to match the injection molded originals. It seems at this point the only things standing in the way are printer price and accessibility.

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There will be a time when just about anything that is currently manufactured with traditional injection molding techniques can be duplicated with a 3D printer. This may not happen for a few years, or even a decade, but it will happen, and the manufacturers who own trademarks on replicable products will be forced to respond in some way. This is a legal showdown in the making, and it makes sense that the first companies to have to deal with it will be industries that have a significant user overlap with 3D printing enthusiasts. Games Workshop is notoriously litigious, and it would not surprise me if several of the 3D model marketplaces that host Warhammer models have already received takedown notices from their lawyers. This is a company that tried to sue the makers of a fan film and copyright the words “Space Marine” — so they have lawyers and they are not afraid to use them. But the models are still there,. And I suspect that they will not be going anywhere any time soon.