Nissan Terrano R50 Rukovodstvo Po Ekspluatacii Dizelj

Oct 3, 2010 - Here's the skinny on diesel motors in the R50 Terrano.;). A nissan diesel swap. I found an outfit here which has a nissan diesel listed though. PNG 1998 Nissan Pathfinder Bumper Parts Diagram. /uploads/20-f350-fuse-diagrams-ford-powerstroke-diesel-forum-9.jpg 2005. R50 1998 Complete Factory Service Repair Infinity Qx4 R50 1998 Complete Factory.

Ive been toying with the idea of converting my pathy over to a ZD30TD from a GU but the amount of work required would be heaps, as you would need to have a full doner car to do it(writeoff?) but i would want to upgrade to a 5sp manual box as well if i did it, as going to diesel you need different gear ratios being you need top change the whole fuel systemtanks etc 1 would think an egine swap from a D22 narava would be easier though but the QX45 conversion looks tempting since it has already been done even though its still a petrol but the fuel returns come back better then the VG33 lol. As with any engine conversion, it's possible, but not economical.

If you want a diesel R50, the cheapest way into it would be to buy a grey import like Wiz's car, swap your accessories over onto it, and then sell your original vehicle. Much less mucking around, and significantly cheaper in the long run. The only time an engine conversion makes sense if if you're putting in a motor that never came standard (like Ric Duza's v8), or if you're a mechanic/fabricator with access to all the tools for free, material for cheap, and all the parts that you need. Even then you've got to like fiddling, and be happy to give up a heap of time to do it. As OR says - parts-wise you'll need pretty much the entire powertrain of the donor vehicle, including diffs (diesels often run a different ratio, and are possibly strengthened due to the additional torque they need to cope with) and brakes.

Nissan Terrano R50 Rukovodstvo Po Ekspluatacii DizeljNissan Terrano R50 Rukovodstvo Po Ekspluatacii Dizelj

So a rolled vehicle can sometimes be a good donor for that. The down side is that you'll pay almost as much for that as a good vehicle. And really, if you're buying a rolled Patrol, the cheaper and better option in the long run I would think would be to put a new cab on it, and then you'll have yourself a diesel patrol.

Not saying it can't be done, it's just a very expensive exercise, and that's before thinking about things like engineering, insurance, modplates, etc. It's all the fiddly little things that will take up your time. For instance, I don't know of anyone else here running an SFD front end - most everyone looks into it, then concludes that it's too much work and moves on.

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Mr Duza *had* to do one on his car to get the vertical clearance that he needed for the new motor. IE, something that is too complex for most of us was just another step in his process. If you want to have a shot at it, then go for your life.

And I'll be the first here cheering you on for having a go yourself and making something different to the norm. But if you're doing it mainly to get the fuel economy benefits of a diesel, then then money that you'll spend to get there will buy a LOT of unleaded. Matto PS - smac's original question - you could actually get the R50 Pathy with the 2.7L turbo diesel, the 3L turbo diesel, and the 3.2L turbo diesel! Why the three motors? Posts: 777 Joined: Thu Jan 25, 2007 1:53 pm Location: Sunny Cairns, QLD •.

Hey George, Reading back, I probably came across a little more cranky than I intended - my apologies for that. I think it would be possible to do if you were keen enough, but I really wouldn't count on it being an easy run. There's a lot of minor differences between our Aus-delivered R50's and Wiz's imported TDI that aren't immediately obvious. His suspension is a mis-match of bits, and from memory he had a lot of trouble with his front hubs, or steering tie rod ends, or something along those lines?