Honda Xr200 Repair Manual Download Free

• ______________________________________________ Thank you for purchasing a Honda motorcycle. For your safety and comfort, please familiarise yourself with this manual before riding. •  Service requirements  Filling out the purchase receipt and The vehicle is designed to carry a ensuring your new Honda is registered maximum of two people, including the for warranty card. Note that you cannot carry a passenger for the first 12 months after obtaining your motorcycle license. • * When re-selling the vehicle please hand this Note: Potential of minor injury.

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Download Manual Reference and Free Ebook PDF. 2016 Honda Xr200 Repair Manual Pdf Printable 2019. Get ebooks from your library 2016 Honda Xr200.

Manual and the maintenance record to the next owner. * Honda MPE reserves the right to alter Other symbols: specifications and make other changes at any time without notice or obligation.

• Contents _____________________________________________ SAFETY WARNINGS Turn signal switch. FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY.Features / Accessories Steering lock. Before Riding. Protective Apparel. Helmet holder Riding Tips.

Document bag. Luggage & Modifications Tool kit holder Parking.

PARTS LOCATION INSTRUMENTS AND INDICATORS. • Damper Unit For our environment. Colour label. Brakes / Clutch Brake fluid level.

Genuine Honda mufflers. Brake pad wear / inspection.Frame serial number (VIN). Clutch lever free play Troubleshooting. Clutch - free play adjustment Crankcase breather cleaning Specifications. • For Your Own Safety _______________________________________________ Before Riding  The topics described here are the basic  Please conduct the daily inspection. Instructions for handling the vehicle. Keep the vehicle clean at all times and Please follow the instructions from your inspect the specified items.

• For Your Own Safety _____________________________________________   Please stop the engine and keep Exhaust gas is toxic. Operate the clear of fire when refueling. Engine in a well ventilated place. • For Your Own Safety _____________________________________________ Protective apparel Caution  Both rider and passenger are required Wearing the helmet incorrectly by law to wear a helmet.


Secure the increases the risk of serious injury or strap properly. Helmets approved to death in an accident. Artificial girl 3 character and clothes downloads. AS1698 are the only legal helmets in Both rider and passenger must wear Australia. • For Your Own Safety _______________________________________________ Riding Tips   Keep both hands on the handlebars Do not jerk the handlebars or and both feet on the foot rests at all attempt to ride with only one hand.

This times whilst in motion. Safety rule applies to any two-wheeled vehicle. • For Your Own Safety _______________________________________________ Luggage Modification Any modification which affects the function  Controllability and stability of the and the structure of the vehicle may affect vehicle changes by loading luggage. Be the controllability and exhaust noise, which careful in terms of loading and securing may affect the durability of the motorcycle. • For Your Own Safety _____________________________________________ Parking  Park on stable and flat ground.

 Do not obstruct the traffic flow when parking your vehicle.  Park the vehicle so as to keep the hot muffler away from other people.  While running the engine or immediately after shutdown, do not touch the engine or muffler. • Parts Location _______________________________________________. • Parts Location _____________________________________________.

• Instruments and Indicators _______________________________________________ Instruments and Indicators Instruments Speedometer Indicates the travelling speed in Kilometres Per Hour. Ride safely and observe the legal speed limit. Odometer Shows accumulated distance traveled in kilometres.