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Perhaps the lyrics' enigmatic nature snuck the song past most of the censors, although some radio stations did indeed balk at playing it. Death from above 1979 discography torrent. One of the new wave era's more interesting curios, 'White Horse' is included on Laid Back's second album.Keep Smiling. The deep multi-tracked vocals sung in a deadpan baritone exude a sense of menace, repeating 'If you wanna ride, don't ride the white horse' with the air of someone speaking from experience, and recommending instead to 'ride the white pony', evidently suggesting cocaine is preferable to heroin.

Cloudflare reports a error 502, bad gateway, and also states that it is offline. The website is up. Is not offline. It loads perfectly fine with a VPN.

What I'm asking for is possibly that people currently residing within the United States verify that they can't reach the page via normal attempts. I find it awfully fishy that I can't access it by normal means yet it loads perfectly when using a non-domestic VPN server. • • • • • • •.