Computherm Wireless Thermo Control System User Manual

The COMPUTHERM Q7 RF type switched-mode room thermostat is suitable. So that the heating/cooling system heats/cools your residence or office to the. There is a wireless (radio-frequency) connection between the two units. The days of the week. Manual control indicator. Programme number.

• Edited by Foxit PDF Editor COMPUTHERM Q3 Copyright (c) by Foxit Software Comp For Evaluation Only. Digital room thermostat software! Operating Instructions.

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• GENERAL DESCRIPTION OF THE THERMOSTAT COMPUTHERM Q3 type switched-mode room thermostat is suitable to regulate the overwhelming majority of boilers and air conditioners available in Hungary. It can easily be connected to any gas boiler or air conditioning device that has a double wire connector for a room thermostat, regardless of whether it has a 24V or 230V control circuit. • The switching sensitivity of the thermostat can be set to ±0.1°C or ±0.2°C (default setting). This means the difference between the ad- justed temperature and the actual tem- The information shown on the liquid crystal display of the thermostat perature measured includes the following: during the switch- process. • es the boiler on at 19.8°C or below, and switches it off at 20.2°C or above.

Computherm Wireless Thermo Control System User Manual

Please refer to Section 4.1 for the modification of the factory default switching sensitivity of ±0.2°C. LOCATION OF THE DEVICE It is reasonable to locate it in a room used regularly or for many hours per day so that it is in the direction of natural ventilation in the room but protected from drought or extreme heat (e.g. • the radiator valve with a manual control knob in the room where the room thermostat is to be located, otherwise the thermostatic head may disturb the temperature control of the flat. INSTALLATION OF THE THERMOSTAT • To install the thermostat, detach the rear panel of the thermostat from the front panel by loosening the screws at the bottom of the cover as shown in the.

• • Using a small screwdriver, remove the cover of the terminal block from the inner side of the rear panel. The thermostat controls the boiler or air conditioner through a potential-free alternating relay that has the following connection points: No. 2 (COM) and No. • To prevent electric shock, replace the inner cover removed for the connection of wires after the assembling process has been completed.

Computherm Wireless Thermo Control System User Manual

Always consider the loadability of the thermostat and follow the manufacturer’s instructions of the heating or cooling equipment. The device must be installed and connected by a qualified professional. • with the diagram in the battery compartment. After the batteries have been inserted, the display flashes the measured room temperature. (If this information fails to appear on the display, press the “RESET” button with a wooden or plastic stick. To press the button, do not use any electrically conductive materials, e.g. • 4.1 Selecting the Switching Sensitivity (Accuracy) The switching sensitivity of the thermostat can be selected or adjusted by the uppermost jumper.

With factory default settings the jumper is located on the central and right pins, resulting in a switching sensitivity of ±0.2°C. It can be modified to ±0.1°C by relocating the jumper onto the left and central pins. • switches of the boiler reduce its efficiency and hence increases the gas consumption. We recommend using the ±0.1°C switching sensitivity for heating systems with high thermal inertia (e.g.

Underfloor heating), and the ±0.2°C switching sensitivity (factory default setting) for heating systems with low thermal inertia (e.g. Flat panel radiators). • are closed above the set temperature in cooling mode (taking the switching sensitivity into account). The closed state of the output terminals No. 2 are indicated by the notice “HEAT” (heating) or “A/C” (cooling) in the bottom left corner of the display, according to the selected mode. • and central pins the displayed temperature can be modified so that the display alternately shows the current room temperature and the adjusted temperature for 4 seconds, respectively.

In this mode, the notices “ROOM” and “SET” are alternately shown under the currently displayed temperature in the bottom right corner of the display, indicating whether the display shows the room temperature or the adjusted temperature value. SETTING THE DESIRED TEMPERATURE After putting the thermostat into operation and adjusting the basic settings the thermostat is ready for operation and the adjustment of the temperature can be started. Above the temperature adjustment buttons ( ) a switch is located. For both the economy ( w ) and the comfort ( ☼. • keeping a flat warn requires more energy than heating it up. (When using a stove, more gas is needed to keep a pan of water boiling than to just keep it warm.) The factory default temperature is 18°C for the economy position and 20°C for the comfort position. • repeatedly or continuously (the change in values is accelerated), the desired temperature to be maintained at the place where the thermostat has been installed can be set in steps of 0.5°C.