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Dec 2, 2018 - Decipher Backup Repair automatically finds and repairs bugs in your iPhone/iPad/iPod backups made by iTunes. Compatible with all iPhone.

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I use Winamp and Mediamonkey to manage mp3s and Itunes Library Updater to commit those changes to itunes just so I can sync my damn music and not have to rely on itunes for anything else. But that's neither here nor there.

I always do multiple (sequential/repeated) backups of my phone before an iOS upgrade since I've dealt with corrupt backups in the past (way back in iOS 3 / iPhone 3G days). Apparently iTunes now just only keeps 1 most recent update for a particular device. • Started around 9:30pm by updating my iTunes library with a ton of new music that I had been putting off. That took a while. Third reich patch 138. • 11pm: Tried doing a full restore of my iPhone 6 from 8.1.1 to 8.3.

It kept failing and I started going crazy until I realized I had NO PLS RECOVERY still installed via Cydia. • Removed that and the update restore went swimmingly. Took a shower and got ready for bed. Figured I'd be done in 30 minutes. • Then I used Taig to jailbreak. That went fine. • Then I tried to restore my backup.

ITunes said it was 'corrupt or incompatible'. Started trying all sorts of things. • Restored the phone again fresh and tried to restore the backup before Tiag. • 12:00pm - Scoured reddit and found which guided me to Decipher Backup Repair (ha! I'm not paying money for this!) and then to iBackupBot.