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This standard is intended to simplify drawings. It specifies general tolerances on linear and angular dimensions, and on coaxiality and symmetry with four tolerance classes as follows: f (fine), m (medium), g (coarse) and sg (very coarse). By selecting a specific tolerance class, the customary workshop accuracy is taken into consideration. General tolerances as specified in this standard are used for cold or hot stampings made from flat steel products, and apply wherever reference is made to this standard in drawings or other relevant documents (e.g. Delivery conditions). General tolerances for parts made by fine blanking (see VDI 2906 Part 5) are not covered by this standard. If, as an exception, this standard is also applied to parts made from semi-finished products other than flat products, or from materials other than steel, this shall be agreed separately.

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Football manager 2009 torrent kickass download. This standard is to be applied in conjunction with DIN 6932 on design rules for stamped steel parts. Technical delivery conditions for stampings are specified in DIN 6930-1. Guidelines for general tolerances indicated on existing drawings are given in Clause 5.

Din 6930 m tolerance

ISO 6930-2:2004 specifies the requirements for weldable high yield strength steels for cold forming. It applies to plates and wide-flats, hot-rolled on reversing mills, both having a thickness between 4 mm and 50 mm (inclusive) and supplied in the normalized, normalized rolled and as-rolled delivery condition. It does not apply to weldable structural steels, whether or not of special quality, which are covered by other International Standards, namely high yield strength steel products for cold forming delivered in thermomechanically rolled condition (ISO 6930-1); structural steels (ISO 630); high yield strength flat steel products (ISO 4950-1, ISO 4950-2 and ISO 4950-3); hot-rolled steel sheet of higher yield strength with improved formability (ISO 5951).