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Crack arcgis 10.2. New mod, the ultimate super doom3 mod equivalent to volume 4.6, is compatible with skulltag 98d and gzdoom or zdoom not patches anymore: advantages: new visual effects ( not so coolest than super doom3 take II, but decent). Chronoteeth wrote:I dont mean to be a butt, but how many doom 3 mods are out there already? Well i guess i maked 4 doom3 mods before of this the others are doom3 weapons from chaos + doom3 weapons from mauricio rocks + doom3ongzdoom by fabio and mauricio + doom3 weapons mod by alphaent2, etc,etc.but my mod is the most complete, added the grabber (work as the same grabber on roe), soulcube, artifact and the rest of the weapons, 3 playerclasses: doom (with souclube), phobos(with artifact) and baker (with machinegun), doom3 monsters and missings like spidermastermind, arachnotron, pain elemental and baron of hell. Ok screenshots: Attachments baron of hell, not completed yet working the decorate. BOHRA1.PNG (35.27 KiB) Viewed 49313 times spider demon e3m8 map Screenshot_Doom_20110.JPG (40.75 KiB) Viewed 49313 times here using the grabber and returning back the rocket of the cyberdemon. Screenshot_Doom_20130.JPG (35.28 KiB) Viewed 49313 times Joined: 02 Jan 2008 Location: Chile.

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Other DOOM 3 - Weapons Mods downloads are here. This is a DOOM 3 weapon mod that was made for fun as a learning experience. Rating: 2 / 5.