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Letters to the Editor: Hi Mimi I just want to write to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy your articles on the Somos Primos publication. Thanks again for sharing Somos Primos with me. R.Aragon raragon7@hotmail.com Hello, I came across your site by pure luck today.

[pdf, txt, doc] Search book El crimen en Puerto Rico: tapando el cielo con la mano / Dora Nevares-Mun?iz. Online for free Even if you see the 'Download' button, this does not mean that the link leads to the resource with the content placed on it.

You can add me to an email list. There are thousands of Hispanic people that came from Texas so we may find connections to others. Thank You for creating such a fantastic forum/site for all of us who really and truly care.


Thank you for keeping me informed. I really appreciate you. Dear Mimi, You are doing a great job with this important monthly Hispanic issue and site. I am so impressed each time I access it, and can hardly wait for the next month's issue. I have attached for you an article/blog on some research that has been done on the Santanderos /. It is a great site and probably needs imput or other connections that your readers might have.

Thanks for the SomosPrimos! P Esparza The article about Miguel de Gracia, the slave, made me sad. The article about his life broke my heart.

I look forward to the future articles about slaves. Thank you so much for the monumental newsletter. Dell windows server 2012 foundation rok download full. Manuel Quinones. Photo: Ted Snyder, Writer/Editor, United States Postal Service Being a resident of the city of Westminster, it was with great interest that I learned of the very important role that the city of Westminster played in the desegregation of public schools throughout the nation. This year marks 60years since the case of Mendez v. Westminster School District was resolved. Special events have been held all over the nation.

The actual formal first issuance and unveiling of a U.S. Postal Stamp commemorating the history was held September 14th at the Gonzalo and Felicita Mendez Fundamental Intermediate School in Santa Ana. My friend Lupe Trujillo Fisher and I both attended the ground breaking of the Mendez school years ago and attended the unveiling in Santa Ana on the 14th.

It was all very exciting. During the event in Santa Ana, Lupe and I wondered aloud why we couldn't have an event like this in Westminster.

It seemed most appropriate. Our conversation was overheard by an employee of the U.S. Postal Service. She gave the suggestion that we look into the idea of having a second day issuance of the Mendez stamp. She cautioned us that it was very unusual, but recommended that we speak to the Postal Service administrators that were present from D.C. Because they could make a decision on the spot.

We spoke to a group that included David E. Failor, Executive Director of Stamp Services, Darlene Yoerger and Darlene Suarez Casey from Washington, D.C. And Richard Maher, Florinda M. Bailey, and Bob Lockovich administrators in the area Post Office headquarters in Santa Ana.

Lupe is a Cultural Arts Commissioner for the City of Westminster. We made quick contact with Mayor Margie Rice, who in turned out had already communicated with Richard Maher, Public Affairs and Communications, that first day issuance held in Santa Ana should have been held in Westminster.

Mayor Rice was delighted with our news. Lupe and I are both members of the Westminster LULAC Council, 3017. We shared our feeling that the event should be memorable for the children.

Our goal was for the children to understand the efforts that were made for them, a reason to value, to cherish their education. We decided to schedule the week before Thanksgiving, as a community-wide unifying event. Invitations were sent to elected officers, community leaders, church leaders, educators, and members of all the five families that were a part of the case, the Mendez, Palomino, Ramirez, Estrada, and Guzman families.

We were fortunate to get full and the complete support of Mayor Margie Rice, her City Council, and the Superintendent of the Westminster School District, Dr. Sharon Nordheim. The city of Westminster hosted the event in their very beautiful and new, The Rose Center Theater.

Tim Nelson, Director of The Rose Center Theater coordinated the use of the building and movement on stage. The Westminster Police Department supplied Photo: Ted Snyder the Color Guard, and LaVada Cordasco City Cable TV Production Supervisor video-taped the occasion. Nordheim made arrangements for each of the Westminster School District's 17 schools to participate. Valjs doga noti.

She requested that the student body officers of each school attend the event. She also arranged for Warner Middle School Band to play during the event, and approved a Westminster School choir be organized for the event. The coordination that Dr. Nordheim and Linda Baxter, Assistant Superintendent provided for everything to fall in place so beautifully was amazing. In two months the program was in place. It was a wonderful, coordinated event, made successful by the very kind support of the post office.