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From Easewe software: A application to manage the Account Number and Overdue date of ex4 file,and prevent the ex4 file from being decompiled.MT4 EX4 Protection is a service to prevent your ex4. Decompile Ex4 to Mq4. This Software only can convert ex4 that build in Metatrader Software Build 224 or less. Dear Clients, MetaTrader is the most powerful trading platform at this moment known to us. This trading terminal, equipped with a very flexible and sophisticated programming language MQL, gives you a great opportunity for an automatic trading.

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IgnoredWhether that is true or not is not the most important part, which is that a lot of these dumb cunts never paid for anything in their lives and just want a free lunch after finding an ex4 somewhere online and hoping someone will reverse-engineer it for them. Secondly, those who did pay for someone to supply them ex4's intend to pass this off to someone else to change the original functionality in some way which I can't imagine falls under any legal grounds. There is no end to the spreading of the code once the box is opened, and that can't possibly be legal.

There's just no way you can skin this that doesn't result in the simple fact that people are shit and just want access to things they have no rights to. The more mental gymnastics required to justify getting at source code that wasn't actually sold or given to you the more it should become obvious that it's wrong. IgnoredIf it's hard to do it doesn't mean that it is not allowed.

The fact that programmers do not want to show their source code doesn't make it illegal to decompile it and use the ideas (I assume there are 0 patented ex4 'inventions'). I can't see anything wrong with it. If I buy an ex4 and want to see the code in order to get the idea of how it's done and then eventually implement it myself (you can't just copy paste decompiled code into your app, wouldn't do much good.


Another thing is you can't patent source code, that's why everyone is hiding it so much) I would have no issue in doing that. (Excuse my English). Spule, I dont have a problem with your English, I understand everything you said. But you show a lack of understanding of basic concepts.

Reverse engineering is not the same as decompiling. Decompiling can be done by anyone with a computer. Reverse engineering on the other hand takes skill, experience and a lot of effort. If you really want to see what a program does, ask the developer and he might give you a description for an extra charge. If he declines it is possible that he wants to protect something. That is his right, it took him lots of experience and effort to create something he considers valuable.

It is not right for you to violate the restrictiins of the developer. Instrukciya po remontu i ekspluatacii toyota hajlender. That is a serious and in many cases a criminal offence. Just to remind you of the seriousness, consider the trouble Uber is now in.