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Fs2004 Ware Ground Textures For Fsx. Don't install Ultimate Terrain is because it really messes up Hawaii and the hotels on the coast as well as much of the freeware scenery I own. Unless an add-on was built with Ultimate Terrain in mind anomalies can crop up, such is the case with many of the scenery offered for FS9.I say all this.

I hope you are doing well. The other two replies are correct.

Ultimate Terrain is definitely needed, as is a good (payware) product. FSGlobal is a great start, but (I) personally have always preferred for my. FSGlobal will be much more affordable though these days, as the 'discounted memberships' to no longer exist. Today the cost to obtain ALL of the FSG meshes would be extremely expensive. Ouch $$$ Get FSGlobal. The best freeware weather software is definitely FSrealWX.

It's lightning fast, simple and ultra realistic using 'live' METAR information directly from the web. You must register (free) to download products. Download FSrealWX Pro. Pay NO attention to any messages stating it is a trial item.

FSrealWX will ALWAYS be a free product. That message was placed within the software to make the encoded software work properly. The software is truly 100% FREE!!! With your weather, you will want to get some cloud textures.

The best textures for FS9 and FSX are from REX. However, that is the ONLY part of the REX system that I employ. As stated above, I use the FSrealWX for my live weather data. For freeware cloud textures, there are several available. HDE ReDux is a great start.

Now for ground textures. Hands-down, the best replacement ground textures/autogen product available is the FS9 Evolution 2015 package. It is listed as freeware, but could be considered donationware also. In other words, you make a donation of what you deem fair for worldwide textures, and the author will send you the DropBox link to download the entire package of files.

It is slightly involved to install, but if the directions are followed slowly and carefully (read everything first) the end results are purely spectacular! I have it installed on both of my FS9 systems and I absolutely will not fy without it anymore.


Package name is FS9 EVO2015. Send him a private message and hopefully he will respond back quickly. I highly recommend him.

I own Ground_Environment Pro. It is an amazing product, but slightly outdated. It also can consume HUGE amount of space to the multitudes of extra textures files needed for each set. FS9 EVO replaces your current FS9 main textures with complete sets for each season only (excluding Spring - not finished yet). GEP creats a complete texture set depending on the sky conditions you want to best represent the day/night flight you car flying and they recommend at least 15 sets each for best presentation. This equals a LOT of data. Great product.

Once you've purchased a song, all subsequent mixes are unlimited and free. You can modify all of the custom accompaniment tracks, including ones you purchased months ago. All the files you've already bought are available in 'My Files.' Bullet for my valentine tears dont fall mp3 320 kbps download free.

But I prefer the newer FS9 EVO. Also search the water replacement textures too available online. The freeware products work wonderfully well.

As always, be sure to backup your FS9 texture folders somewhere safe before making changes, so you can revert back if needed. Best wishes!!!

~Glenn Some pictures of my system using the REX clouds (textures ONLY), FSrealWX weather, FS9 EVO 2015 ground textures & autogen, Ultimate Terrain USA and the FSG. Airplane is the Piper Arrow IV model.

Ground textures for fsx

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