Hakuouki Sweet School Life Eng Sub

Category Game Platforms PlayStation Vita Genre Academic-Romance-ADV Rating Cero B (12yrs & above) Release Date 27 March 2014 Price(Tax Inclusive) Limited Edition 7,800円 Regular Edition 5,800円 Download Edition 5,452円 External Links About A new site opened for Hakuouki Sweet School Life on 26th April 2013 with much undetermined information. Hakuouki: SSL Is a 'dōjinshi' or official fan-published spin-off of the SSL that was featured in the Zuisouroku fandisc. Rather than SSL being a clip-note like in Zuisouroku, SSL is its own game, where a change of settings, from the end of a Shogunate period to a modern academic theme, takes stage.


Hakuouki SSL - Sweet School Life -The Movie Native Title: 薄桜鬼SSL ~sweet school life~ Also Known As: Hakuouki -Sweet School Life, Hakuouki SSL ~sweet school life~, Hakuouki SSL - Sweet School Life. Hakuoki SSL ~ sweet school life ~ The Movie hits Japanese theaters on February 06, 2016. Sources: Animeanime.jp. Cinema Today. Paul Chapman is the host of The Greatest Movie EVER! Podcast and GME.

Although the design of the characters are different, the nature of it remains. This game is by no means to be confused with the SSL in Zuisouroku.

However, the values of the two games are the same. Story The fluttering Sakura. Boson netsim 10 with crack head.

They remain his inspirations. Saiyyan

Hakuouki Sweet School Life Eng Sub

Spring - a season of blessing for new encounters. Chizuru Yukimura knocks on the gates of a private academy, which has always been a boys' school. However, as of this year, Hakuou Academy opens its gates to co-education and Chizuru is the only female student enrolled. Thus begins her first year. Note: This story is a spin-off work of Hakuouki. Characters Yukimura Chizuru(雪村千鶴) The main character of the setting. A first year and the only female student of Hakuou Academy.

With an invitation from childhood friend Toudou, she resolves to enroll in the institution. She lost her parents at an early age and has since been living with Yukimura Koudou, a distant relative.

She has a twin brother called Nagumo Kaoru, who lives separately in another family. Their relationship has been estranged. Hijikata Toshizou(土方歳三) The homeroom teacher of Second Year, Form One, who teaches Classics and is also a Disciplinarian Adviser. He acts on behalf of Kondou as an Assistant Principal presiding over most of the school management and is childhood friends with Kondou. In his varsity years, he was Kazama's college classmate, and even now is still at loggerheads with him. Hijikata currently lives alone in a apartment near the school.

Okita Souji(沖田総司) A Second Year, Form One student from the Kendo Club who loves making fun of people. Due to his weak constitution since he was young, he took up kendo to train himself. Another reason was due to guidance from Kondou, whom he looks up to as an elder brother. Adversely, he is sworn enemies with Hijikata. His latest obsession is smartphone photography and image editting.

Saitou Hajime(斎藤 一) A Second Year, Form Two student and a member of the Discipline Committee. Has a quiet nature and holds respect for Hijikata. Together with Okita and Toudou, he belongs to the Kendo Club. Toudou Heisuke(藤堂平助) A Second Year, Form One student who belongs to the Kendo Club.

He is a neighbor of the Yukimuras and grew up with Chizuru as a childhood friend. He likes games, but above all, he loves kendo.

Harada Sanosuke(原田左之助) The Health & Physical Education teacher whose frank personality wins him high popularity among students. Kazama Chikage(風間千景) A mysterious Third Year, Form Three student and the president of the student council. In spite of being a university graduate, he enrolls in Hakuou Academy. He's a former university classmate of Hijikata and is not on good terms with him. He makes full use of his authority in the student council, owning most of the property in the student council's room and wears a custom-made uniform. Kyuujyu Amagiri(天霧九寿) A Third Year, Form Three student of the Student Council affiliation, who always appears to tag behind Kazama and is one of his escort. Although he is mentioned to be a high school student, his age doesn't define that.