How To Patch Navcore 9540

Well, finally got down to it as i never done one, so i have provided a noob way and hopes it helps others. A tutorial how to put navcore, maps and patch them with easytools OK let's start and get you doing you maps and patching for 1st time. First of all you will 3 things, NAVCORE (Tomtom Operating System) in my case my navore i use for my ONE devices is v8.204 as seen on my desktop, MAPS (We know what these are) & Easytools (Your Patching tool in order to make the maps work) So you have downloaded the above mentioned, Place all the winrar files you downloaded on your desktop so everything nice and neat and no confusion later on. Now place your sd card in pc or if no sd slot on tomtom connect tomtom via usb to pc, now a box will pop up being that of a drive letter i.e.

J:, now double click on the map rar file you downloaded on your desktop and it should look like this on your desktop, keep 2 windows open side by side, now simply drag the map folder over to the sd card or tomtom. Once completed close the rar window, now double click on the Navcore rar file for example mine v8.204 on my desktop, you will get a window like this, simply select all the files inside and drag over the the sd card or tomtom Once done, again close off that rar window, now as you see in my right window the files will now look like this, one Map folder and navcore files surrounding it If you look in the files, there is no TTGO.bif file, this will be created once we restart the tomtom, so turn tomtom off, insert card to tomtom or disconnect usb cable from pc and then power up the tomtom.

How To Patch Navcore 9540

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Once rebooted, you will have to do a few selections to continue in the tomtom. Language English uk, right handed, miles or kilometres, voice etc. Once you confirm this you should now get RED screen stating the words ' You cannot use this map on this device' Now turn off tomtom, connect sd card to pc or the tomtom via usb cable if no sd slot, then turn back on again, the tomtom will now have created a TTGO.Bif file in your tomtom. So now you have successfully installed both Navcore and Maps for the tomtom, now we need to patch them in order for them to work. Now go back into the drive letter which is your tomtom/tomtom files and you will notice the ttgo.bif file here, right click and open in notepad, at top you will see device id with 10 digit number, right click on this number and copy, then close off ttgo notepad window. Ok now go to the Easytools rar file and extract the folder to the desktop, Now double click that folder and you will see this Now you can see a file called Device ID in the easytools folder Double click to open it and right click and paste that 10 digit number you copied from the TTGO file, click close on the box and it will ask for changes, click SAVE Now go into the tomtom a double click on the MAP folder, at the bottom you will see 2 files which are needed, ending in.meta &.pna. Right click and select both of these and CUT, now in the easytools folder you will see a folder called 'insert meta from map here', double click and you will see this, now paste those 2 files (.Meat &.Pna) into this insert meta from map here folder you just cut from map folder.

Do you have any ideas of how to add maps to tomtom one v1, have tried this tutorial, but to no avail. Current app version is 7.9ish not yet 8, but the maps i have downloaded are all v8, eastern europe, central europe, western europe and greece. As you can see i plan on driving to greece so hopefully will be able to sort this out soon. Also if you can advise me on sites for the easytools and also the navcore i would be grateful. Since mininova went down.