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Update 24-5-18 - Superseded by a newer version: HikVision have just released a new version of their IVMS-4200 software. The new version is V2.7.0.10. Released 12th February 2018. At the moment it only seems to be available from their UK website here: (select 'Downloads' at the LHS - NB = 192MB.rar file) It should appear at HikVision's European download portal some day soon: NB - I have attached the latest copy of the Release Notes and User Manual that I am able to find at this time (for the version immediately prior) V2.7.0.10 Key Updates: 1. Optimize Hik-Connect module including the login speed of Hik-Connect account, loading speed of the remote configuration and the streaming speed of P2P mode.

Optimize the device online upgrading function. Fixed some issues of access controller device. V2.7.0.6 Key Updates: 1. Added Face Picture Comparison module to view the captured face pictures and the matched face picture in face picture library.

Added Target Capture Alarm module to view the captured target pictures, such as face, human body, vehicle, etc. 3.Added statistics modules: Face Retrieval, Human Body Retrieval, Vehicle Retrieval to search and analyze the face, human body, and vehicles information. Added 5, 5*5, 6*6 windows division of 69 series Decoder.

Added resource overview in help-Resource overview. Thegrideon keygen crack free 6.Support device online upgrading for maintenance. V2.6.2.7 Key Updates: 1.

Upgraded the security structure. Remove password reset strategy. V2.6.2.6 Key Updates: 1.Added 7 pieces of attendance reports.

2.Support'apply changes' of permission. 3.Support detailed information prompt when applied failed. 4.Provide access of Pyronix control panel and remote control via client.

Provide access of elevator controller. In Device Management module, optimize adding devices by Hik-Connect Domain. 7.Support manual calculation of attendance. V2.6.1.6 Key Updates: 1.Optimize the device classifications to provide better user experience.

2.New design for module display, select the modules to display on the Operation and Control area of the control panel. 3.Optimize Access Control module. And it includes the Video Intercom function. 4.Add Time and Attendance module, it provides multiple functionalities, including shift schedule management, attendance handling, attendance statistics and other advanced functions. 5.In Event Management module, add Access Control Event, Access Control Alarm Input, Event Card Linkage, and Cross-Device Linkage settings.

Download ivms 4200 client

6.Counting and Heat map function is supported for back-end products. 7.Add Playback Stream Type for the device which supports dual stream recording.

8.Support display temperature information on the live view and playback window and receiving alarm information for thermal device. 9.Support download player to record’s saving directory when downloading the record files. 10.Support live view and playback function for DS-2DP1636-D in hardware decoding mode except the third stream. The number of connection of live view and playback is up to 6. 11.Set the schedule for backing up the system config file every week. 12.Provide adding devices by Hik-Connect Domain.

13.69 series decoder has been supported to use on the Video Wall module. 14.Optimize some issues of access control devices. 15.Support manual calculation of attendance. Just an update that V2.7.1.4 is released V2.7.1.4 Key Updates 1.

Support time synchronization when adding device. Support exporting and importing person picture and fingerprint data in access control module. Newly adding schedule report in time and attendance module and sending report to the target recipient. Newly adding absence time in shift schedule and the absence time is not included in effective time hours. Newly adding report card loss and cancel card loss and card remark function.