Klimov Kniga Nanoplazmonika

Contents • • • • • • History [ ] The Klimov OKB was formed in the early 1930s to produce and improve upon the liquid-cooled V-12 piston engine for which the USSR had acquired a license. At that time Klimov also manufactured motorcycles. In 1946 the British government allowed Rolls-Royce to sell a number of and engines to the Soviet Union.

Klimov OKB was given the task of 'metrifying' the British designs, without the knowledge or permission of the West, as the. Klimov United Engine Company is now located in Saint-Petersburg region. Piston engines [ ] • - Hispano-Suiza 12Ydrs built under license • - improved M-100 • - improved M-103; later redesignated as VK-105 • • - prototype inline 18-cylinder with three M-103A blocks in an inverted Y configuration; cancelled due to engine malfunction During World War II, designations were changed from M (motor) to VK (the lead designer's initials) • - prototype developed from M-105 with improved performance at lower altitudes; cancelled due to cooling problems • • - prototype version of VK-107 with 1850 hp on takeoff; never entered production • • • Gas turbine engines [ ].

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Contents • • • • • • • • • • Biography [ ] Early life [ ] Vladimir Vladimirovich Presnyakov was born in Sverdlovsk (now ) on March 29, 1968 in the family of musicians Vladimir Petrovich and Elena Petrovna Presnyakov, future soloists of the. In 1979 he composed his first song, from 1980 he sang in the choir of the in, at 1981 performed with the group, performing his own songs 'The Old Tale', 'Red Book', 'The Cat'.

His solo career began when he was 15 years old, at restaurant variety show. He studied at the Choral College named after Sveshnikov, but was expelled from the college for objectionable behavior in 1982. Later he studied at the conductor-choir department of the School named after the October Revolution. In 1983 he had a case of pneumonia and lost his voice. When he recovered, his voice became a.

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Responsibility: Vasily Klimov; translated from the Russian by Anna Sharonova. Editorial reviews. Publisher Synopsis 'This book is timely and provides the most up-to-date concepts for experts in nanoplasmonics. It is also a good starting point for students who wish to learn about nanoplasmonics for the first time.

Career [ ] Presnyakov performed songs in many movies. The musical film (1986) brought Presnyakov popularity — he sang the songs of the protagonist and had an episodic role in the picture. The songs 'Zurbagan' and 'The Roadside Grass is Sleeping' became hits.

Klimov Kniga Nanoplazmonika

He also acted in the film (1987) and performed several songs in the picture (1989). From 1987 to 1994 he worked at Alla Pugacheva's Theater of Song.

In 1989, Vladimir Presnyakov's debut album, 'Dad, You Were Like That' was released, which formed the image of the singer. In the same year, Vladimir Presnyakov took part in the first Russian rock musical 'Street'. In the annual TASS hit list of that year he took 4th place in the solo performer category, with 12 995 votes. His song 'Touch-Me-Not' in the same hit parade took 17th place (2257 votes). With the solo concert program 'The Vladimir Presnyakov Show' the musician successfully performed in the biggest concert halls of and -.