Krutikov Exercises In Modern English Grammar Otveti

C O N T E N T S I. KRUTIKOV, I.S. KUZMINA, Kh.V. RABINOVICH EXERCISES IN MODERN ENGLISH GRAMMAR • The Noun • The Article • the Adjective • The Adverb • Indefinite Pronouns • The Verb• The Indefinite Tense Forms • The Continuous Tense Forms • The Perfect Tense Forms, Common Aspect • The Perfect Continuous Tense Forms • The.

Krutikov Exercises In Modern English Grammar Otveti

Have you got a novel that / which is really interesting to read? She has acted in a movie whose name I have forgotten. He is married to a writer of whom you may have heard. It was a meeting whose purpose I did not understand.

We became friendly with some students whom / that we met on the train. Alice married her boyfriend, which made her parents very unhappy. Mary, who teaches my daughter English, has moved to another city. I know a shop where they sell imported perfumes. It is the best film that has ever been made about the French Revolution.

I have got something that belongs to you? I have got what I need.

He was respected by the people with whom he worked. Lichnaya zhizn aktyora ulugbeka kadyrova.