Lagu Sheila On 7 Lupakan Saja Diriku Sendiri

Lirik Lagu Sheila On 7 - Dan. Lupakanlah saja diriku Bila itu bisa membuatmu. Iqbaal Ramadhan - Rindu Sendiri (Dilan 1990) MP3.

• • FILOSOFI PENABUH TERBANG. Dilihat atau Tidak.

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Dihargai atau Tidak. Ia akan tetap Berkarya. Karena bagi kami berkorban demi meriahnya suatu majelis sholawat adalah keni'matan yang selalu kita rindu2kan.

Lagu Sheila On 7 Lupakan Saja Diriku Sendiri

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When in class, i had forgot to turn my phone off so i tried to sneakily turn it off but some B*tch (yes i just censored that) started yelling out 'she has her phone out! She has her phone out' so i ended up getting my phone taken away.

Then in gym we had sweaty thursday where today my gym teacher thought it was okay to make us do the most. I had to run the football field, do 25 jumping jacks, run up and down stair 10 times, and do 25 squats, all three times. I almost threw up in gym to say the least. In my yearbook class, we always throw parties for peoples birthday and i guess no one got the memo about me and i didnt get one so i felt hella forgotten. The whole day i was freaking out about my phone because everyone told me that i was gonna have to have my parents pick it up and thats just too much. End of the day came and i asked someone what to do one last time and they said my parents had to get it.

Couple of minutes go by and the girl that got my phone taken asked if i had gotten my phone back yet.. So i had to run back in the school, get my phone, and run back out in time for my mom to pick me up. Fast forward to dinner (this is when things get better), my family actually remembered that it was my birthday and they gave me a cake and surprisingly presents too!

My sister (the real OG) got me the ii movie! So now im sat in my room with popcorn and a fluffy blanket getting ready to press play😂 To say today was a long day would be an understatement 😧 • 18 6 8 February, 2019.