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IFixit reports that Apple may have already taken steps to reduce the likelihood of 2018 users experiencing display lighting issues dubbed. Affected machines could see uneven lighting that looks like a 'stage light' effect with the display potentially failing completely over time. IFixit was tipped off by MacRumors forum user Olivia88 posting in our Flexgate megathread that their 2018 13' MacBook Pro appeared to have a longer cable than previous models. IFixit confirmed this finding: Since we were just wrapping up writing the repair manual for the 2018 model anyway, we checked inside our 2018 15” MacBook Pro again to measure its cable against its 2016 predecessor—and found the 2018 cable was, in fact, a full 2mm longer. Since this change appears in both our 15” model and Olivia88’s 13” model, it’s plausible this change is present in multiple, if not all, 2018 Pros.iFixit speculates that this could prevent some of the wear and tear that had previously caused the failure though they weren't able to say for certain.

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Apple has yet to publicly acknowledge the issue, and our Flexgate guide covers what your options are if you are affected by this. In the wake of the launch of the Galaxy Fold, Samsung has begun shopping around its foldable display technology to other companies.

ETNews (Translate) reports that they have specifically provided samples to Apple and Google:According to the industry on the 27th, Samsung Display made a set of foldable display and delivered it to Apple. This set, which is actually powered like a smartphone, has a 7.2-inch size foldable panel. 7.2 inches is 0.1 inches smaller than the Samsung Folder 'Galaxy Fold'. Samsung has historically been both supplier and competitor to Apple and other smartphone manufacturers and provides the OLED screens for Apple's top of the line iPhones. According to the report, Samsung doesn't intend to keep foldable technology to itself and is instead working to dominate as a supplier for the technology. Samsung is said to be able to produce about 2.4 million units a year at this time but is considering moving up to 10 million units a year depending on demand.Apple has been known to be working on foldable display technology for years with patents on the implementation of similar technology.


While there are ongoing rumors that Apple has been testing such technologies in the lab, Apple has not been speculated to implement the technology until 2020 at the earliest. Apple's upcoming iOS 10.2 and tvOS 10.1 updates will bring a new 'TV' app where users will be able to view much of their TV and movie content from across various apps, all centrally located to make it easy to pick up where you left off and receive recommendations on additional content. The new TV app has been gradually going live on both platforms for U.S.