Soal Toefl Dan Pembahasannya 2015 Movies

The word illegitimate in paragraph one is closest in meaning to: a. Against the law or illegal c. Incorrectly deduced; illogical b. Not in correct usage d. Born out of wedlock 6. The following sentence wou ld best complete which paragraph?

Television and movies often show these animals this way. But gorillas are really gentle animals. The gorilla is a vegetarian. It lives in the African rain forests where it finds the fruits and plants it needs to survive. A large, wild gorilla might eat over 40 pounds of leaves and fruit in one day.

“S ince then people have been living out Leonardo’s dream of flying.” a. Paragraph 3 b. Paragraph 4 c.

Soal Toefl Dan Pembahasannya 2015 Movies

Paragraph 5 d. Paragraph 2 7. What was the main problem with L eonardo’s invention? Motors were not yet invented c.

He was illegitimate b. The birds lost their feathers d. He couldn’t draw 8. The word they in the third paragraph refers to: a. The feathers b. The studies d. In what year was the first helicopter flown a.

1936 10.What two things did birds have that Leonardo da Vinci noticed helped them to fly? Wings and beaks c. Cw cheats database download. Wings and feathers b.

Feathers and talons d. Cups and feathers 11.The word thus in the fourth paragraph could best be replaced by: a. Unsuitably d. Inappropriately Glass fibers are extremely strong; for their weight, they are stronger than steel. They are made by f orcing molten glass through tiny holes called spinnerets.


As many as four hundred spinnerets are placed together, and threads of glass much thinner than human hairs are drawn off at great speed-miles of thread per minute. As they speed along, the threads are coated thinly with a type of glue and twisted into a yarn. The glass fibers are used with plastics to make boats and car bodies. They are also woven into heavy cloth for window draperies and into strong belts for making tires stronger. A special kind of glass fiber is causing a revolution in communications. A signal of light can be made to travel along the fiber for very long distances. By changing the quality of the light, many messages can be sent at once along one strand of glass.

New office buildings are being “wired” with glass fibers as they are built. The glass fibers will be used to connect telephones and computers in ways that not long ago were either impossible or too expensive. Glass wool traps air in a thick, light blanket of fibers.

This blanket is then put into walls and ceilings to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

QUESTION: To get a started this semester,I'm going to spend the first two classes giving you background lectures about some basic cinematic concepts.One you're a little more familiar with basic film terminology,we will be ready to look at the history of movie in the United states.You will be expected to attend showings of films on tuesday evening at 7 o'clock at Jennings Auditorium,that's our lab. Seventeenth-century houses in colonial North America were simple structures that were primarily functional carrying over traditional designs that went back to the Middle Ages.During the first half of the eighteenth century, line however,house began to show a new elegance.As wealth (5) increased,more and more colonists built fine houses. Since architecture was not yet a specialized profession in the colonies,the design of buildings was left either to amateur designers or to carpenters who undertook to interpret architectural manuals imported from England. Inventories of colonial libraries show an astonishing number of these handbooks for builders,and the houses (10) erected during the eighteenth century show their influence. Nevertheless,most domestic architecture of the first three- quarters of the eighteenth century display. Certainly no creature in the sea is odder tha the common sea cucumber.All living creature,especially human beings,have their peculiarities,but everything about the little sea cucumber seems unusual.What else can be said about a line bizarre animal that,among other eccentricities,eats mud, feeds almost continuously day and night but can live (5) without eathing for long periods, and can be poisonous but is considered supremely edible by gourmets? For some fifty million years,despite all its eccentricities the sea cucumber has subsisted on its diet of mud.It is adaptable enough to live attached to rocks by its tube feet under rocks in shallow water,or on the surface of mud flats.