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This 11th volume in the World Catalogue of Insects comprises 4415 species in 532 genera of Notodontidae & Oenosandridae (Lepidoptera), which is about 1000 species more than ever before provided in any catalogue. Free download mp3 lenka everything at once stafa band. Altogether 7434 names of taxonomic entities are included. 27 cases of new synonymies on genus level and 72 new synonymies on species group level are reported and 15 statuses of taxa are changed.

One Neotype and 24 Lectotypes are designated to stabilize the nomenclature. In line with recognized homonymies 4 replacement names are proposed. The catalogue also includes 107 new combinations of Notodontidae. The bibliographical source of almost all of the listed taxa (including the infrasubspecific entities) has been checked by the author personally.

The exact type-locality of a taxon as well as the depository of the type is given, where traceable.

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