Programma Rascheta Bloking Generatora

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• • Introduction In this article, I am introducing a small utility developed for the purpose of extracting schema from existing SQL Server databases. The basic idea behind developing this utility is to emit the database schema from an existing SQL Server database. From a developer perspective, it is sometimes very much handy to quickly take a printout of the database structure for creating the UI layout or to specify some validation rules. If the database structure is available in printable format, then it will serve the purpose of robust programming and effective UI layout, because the developer can establish spontaneity between the database structure and the UI elements. So now, let's start exploring the utility in a little depth. After extracting the binary distribution, you will find the executable SchemaGenerator.exe.

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Programma Rascheta Bloking Generatora

Start the utility from SchemaGenerator.exe. The first screen will be as follows: The screen shown above asks the input for: • Server/instance name: This will be server instance name.

If not specified, it will default to (local). • Database name: This is a required input and must specify an existing database. • Username/Password: Optional, provide in case of non trusted connections. Now, fill the server/instance name, i.e., (local) SQLEXPRESS. Click Generate to produce the report in printable format. The report will be rendered in preview, where we can see the generated schema output, then print, if required. The print preview window outputs the database structure in printable format, and you can review the format and print it.

I hope this will help some needful developer and avoid duplication of efforts. “Happy computing!” History • Initial revision 1.0 - May 20 2008 Uploaded initial revision.• Revision 1.1 - June 04 2008 Updated for a new feature for using explicit username and password, in non trusted environments (requested by users).• Revision 1.2 - June 05 2008 Fixed the issue of printing reports from the Print Preview dialog (requested by users). An Software Architect having work experience of 8+ years in Architecture, Design and Development of Enterprise class application for Analytic s and Business Intelligence. Having hands-on experience primarily in Microsoft Technology Stack including(but not limited to).NET, SQL Server, SharePoint Server, Biztalk, Withal know to program in Java, Perl and Shell. Currently working as Product Technical Architect in Infosys Technologies Ltd.

Products R&D division. He has worked on development of best in class Supply Chain Optimization System and Spend Classification Software for optimizing indirect spend. An avid programmer by heart and passionate for solving any challenging and complex business problems. He is advocate of Open source and love to share solutions with open source communities like 1. Award's: Articles: Open Source Contributions: Blog: Link'd: His Favorite(s):.