Pustoj Blank Cennika

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We definitely belong to those that would spend every night in a hotel bed if they could, so our mission is to tell you how easy it is to get there. In your own bedroom. The bed in the picture here is exactly like Ambica’s, a die-hard subscriber to the hotel style bed experience. She swears to the fact that it is our magic find – the mattress topper, in the picture right above, that has transformed her bed from the great to the sublime. A must-have in any luxe hotel, the mattress topper is 2” high and will soften any mattress to hotel-bed-plush instantly. Pamper your spine with just the right amount of resistance and luxuriate in the extra-cushiony comfort without the expense of buying a new mattress.

Pustoj Blank Cennika

Filled with ultra-fine microfiber, the topper has a 100% cotton 300 thread count shell and starts at INR 3,499 for a single. If you live in Bangalore and would like to experience the topper first on your own bed, send us an email at info@lazuli.in and we will have this sent to your home to try. NEXT – bedsheets and pillow cases. Keep it simple, with the focus on quality, quality, quality. White is definitely the safest choice. Easy and elegant, dress up or dress further down. Just throw in the washing machine with a cup of bleach and everything is as good as new.

Pustoj Blank Cennika

Especially if you order these sheets that we love, crisp and white, 300 thread count percale or sateen weave. The best place to start.

From INR 999 for a single sheet and pillowcase set, these are 100% cotton and closely woven for a fine texture and finish. Lovely in a freshly made bed. PERHAPS – a duvet now? It’s probably about time to move on from the Rajasthani ‘razai’ of yore.

Snuggle into a hypo-allergenic duvet instead and dream a little dream of air-conditioned, five star luxury. We also recommend you pick up a pristine white on white sateen striped cover for your duvet while you’re at it. Duvet starting at INR 2,800 for a single and the cover starting at INR 1,750 for the single. THEN – pillows. Use a multitude of pillows for your true hotel experience. Certainly no less than four in our opinion.

We found these hypo-allergenic microfiber pillows that feel like goose down and have been designed with the focus on neck support. Machine washable, with a peached micro-fabric shell to prevent dust mites, you can choose from the three standard pillow sizes or give us your sizes and we will work to have them customized for you. Even if it is a single pillow!

Starting at INR 770 for one. To have them delivered at your doorstep. LAST – but not the least.

Where would you be without a good mattress? Sleeping badly and headed towards back problems most likely, given the hectic lifestyle of today. Consider a good mattress an investment, not only in years of healthy sleep, but in the health of your back too. We’ve shortlisted a few of our favourites in our pop-up shop.

All available in standard sizes - single, queen and king. We will also be able to get a mattress customized to your size. Email us with your requirements at info@lazuli.in if you are in Bangalore, and we will help you experience the mattress on your own bed before you buy.

Prices start at INR 11,130 for a single. Let’s get you started right away, just click on any of the links above to place your orders or send in an enquiry.

All of these products will be available at our until March 1, 2016. Signalizaciya pantera qx 3t2 instrukciya. If you are reading this blog after the 1st of March and would still like to experience or buy or even need any other personalized shopping assistance, email us at info@lazuli.in. • ‹ Prev Post •.

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