Q7 Wifi Camera Firmware Hacks

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Q7 camera wifi laptop app

Hi, I have a camera wifi with the hi3518E chip. The IPC-BT511SW-1.3 The FTP service was not working so I tried to update the firmware with some of the list given in the previous message. But since i update it, The Wifi connection doesn't work anymore:( the camera is always working, i see the picture but olnly whent it is connected with ethernet cable. I have a doubt on something: when i saw the version on the web interface I think i have seen 4.0.R0 but when i connected with telnet, i saw 53H13 in product type: is it possible? How can i recover wifi connection?

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Q7 Wifi Camera Firmware Hacks

Is there any old firmware? Does anyone had the same pb? Thank you very much.