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Hello Everyone, Today, a minor update to version 1.6.1 was pushed live. This update include fixes to the official plugins below: Foreground.js Ver1.0.1 ・Fix to the error happening when calling Test from event command. MenuSubMember.js Ver1.2.2 ・Add a feature to show followers on map TinyGetInfoWnd.js Ver1.1.1 ・Change to let set up different voice for each item type. AltMenuScreen3.js Ver1.0.1 ・Show the current map name on screen bottom right.

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Also, the french translation was greatly enhanced by the same team who made the french translation for RPG Maker VX Ace. Updating your Projects:We would like to remind everyone to make sure to do the following steps before updating to ensure that when the update happens so your changes won’t be overwritten: • Make a backup of your project. Should any error occur with your project in 1.6.1 Make sure to downgrade your RPG Maker MV and use the backup version.

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DO NOT OPEN your 1.5.2 below project with RPG Maker MV 1.6.1 if you have no backups! Now for the update process. • Backup your game! This is important!


• Make a backup of your Generator folder if you edited it. Create a new project or go to the NewData folder in your RPG Maker MV root (where MV is installed) folder. Copy the following items and replace the ones in your existing project: • Copy the file 'index.html' and 'package.json' from NewData to your project • Copy the files libs folder, 'rpg_*.js' (e.x. Rpg_core) files from NewData/js to your project js folder • Do not replace your plugins.js!

Kadokawa, the Japanese studio behind the indie-enabling RPG Maker engine and its many iterations, recently announced the latest entry in the Maker software series. It's currently being shown off in Japan, but Kadokawa says it's coming to the West via Steam Early Access this summer. Pixel Game Maker MV is said to feature the same 'no programming necessary' development tools that made RPG Maker so popular and accessible.

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You can handle all the scripting via easily navigable logic flow charts, for example, and it comes with a built-in physics engine. Kadokawa says the engine 'works with any genre,' is tuned for top-down and side-scrolling perspectives, and natively supports up to four-player local co-op. As you might expect, the engine comes with pixel art tools, but artists will have the option to import custom sprites. Likewise, for devs not satisfied with the baked-in options, Pixel Game Maker MV supports JavaScript extensions, which RPG Maker creators have used to streamline existing features and add new ones altogether. There's also a collection of stock particle effects. Here's a look at some basic assets in action: RPG Maker put cheap, serviceable development tools in the hands of countless budding devs and made a major impact on the indie scene via cult classics like Yume Nikki, which went on to become that Kadokawa made.

G2xpl full version added by request tuskegee. Last year, Matt broke down on Steam, and Giada explored and the source of its bad reputation. Hi everyone, We have now released version 1.6.1 in beta. Based on currently stable v1.5.2, v1.6.1 updates nw.js and fixes 2 outstanding bugs. To select it: - Open up your Libray / Software section - Right click on RPG Maker MV and open up the properties menu - From the BETA tab, enter the password 'openbetatestbranch' and click on OK - Select v1.6.1 from the 'Select the beta.'