Shogun 2 Total War Blood Mod Free Download

How to install the game. – WITH BLOOD MOD AND RISE AND FALL OF THE SAMURAI!) DISCLAIMER- I am not asking you/supporting you/helping you to pirate this game. I am simply helping you install and run this game if you are having problems with Steam.

Shogun 2 torrent

That means I am assuming you have already bought “Total War – Shogun 2” and are here just so I can help you install it. Like I said, I am not helping you if your pirating this game, so if you actually are pirating, and you are caught, you cannot lead them here to this website because we weren’t helping you in the first place. If you are in fact pirating, then you are on your own in case of legal action. NOOB METHOD (Updated on 11 August 2013) – Just use this.

1. and install this. It includes the blood mod, latest patch, all DLC released up to this date, Rise of the samurai and Fall of the samurai. 2. and copy this fix on top of your installed game.

Overwrite everything. INSANELY EASY METHOD (Updated on 21st April 2012) 1. And install this. It includes the blood mod, latest patch, all DLC released up to this date, Rise of the samurai and Fall of the samurai.

Total War games never had blood until the Blood DLC for Shogun 2. Rock manager no cd crack software. You can download a mod that adds blood in for free right now if you want.

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And copy this fix on top of your installed game. Overwrite everything. I have played all three campaigns on this and can verify that everything works. I am on 100+ turns on all three of them and had so far got no crashes and the save files work fine.


If you have trouble running the game or get crashes. Make sure you have the latest graphics card version, latest installed and your antivirus was off during the installation. If your antivirus was on during the installation then you will encounter problems because the antivirus might delete some files which are essential for the game to run as ‘false positives’. My computer is still running fine as I played the game this morning and am now writing this, so I can verify that it has no virus. If you leave it on, then don’t expect help, in case of a problem. If you still have a problem, update your 11, and go to C: users: “Your PC name”, appdata, roaming, The Creative Assembly and then delete the Shogun 2 folder.

Then run the game again. SUPER EASY METHOD (Updated on 25th Dec 2011- OLD) 1. Download and Install.

Download this. Inside the zip is a torrent file. It has 4358 patch (AKA patch 10) and the Rise of the Samurai Pack. It also has all the DLC’s other than the Blood pack. It also includes the Directx 11 patch.

Once its downloaded. Run Shogun.exe and have fun 🙂 Read on below if you still have problems (though you shouldn’t). ALTERNATE METHOD (OLD) Now I admit that the method I am about to mention is a slightly difficult and might scare you away, but bear with me, it will be worth it in the end. This is for Steam Versions!

If you have already installed this game then scroll below to read about the new patch. If your 2 files had a.MDX in the end then it means you are steam! -NOTE- CLONEDVD VERSIONS ARE STEAM 1. Mount The MDX files using Daemon tools (Download from ) 2. Open Phoenix.exe in its folder (Phoenix.exe is the in the download pack mentioned below) 3. Click on Instruments 4.

Click Sid Unpacker 5. On ‘select sid file’, take it to your mounted dvd and open the only sid file in the mounted directory 6.

Click ‘Scan-a-SIM-File’ 7. Click ‘select all’ 8.Change the destination folder to where you want the game to be 9. Make sure you have atleast 16GB free (just to be safe) then Click Unpack (Thanks Dave) 10. After some time it will ask for Disk 2, repeat process, this time opening the disk 2 SID file 11 Will take a while (from 30 minutes to 2 hours), when it finishes the game will be atleast 14GB, it may be larger but not smaller, if its smaller, do it again. (If you update the Phoenix unpacker, the game will always turn out to be 5GB, rendering it unplayable, so no matter what, DONT UPDATE!) 12. Install the ali213 patch, its in chinese but you will figure it out, and make sure to point it to your directory in which you unpacked the game 13.