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Aug 5, 2008 - Accel/P-CAD Technologies: Creators of Tango PCB Design Software and ACCEL EDA ACCEL, originally founded in 1983, became a wholly.

I have two files that where made on Tango-PCB PLUS [url removed, login to view] Series II, VERSION 1 4 Binary (this was extracted from the header of the file). I need them converted to Altium 10. Simple as that.

Software Tango Pcb Software

There are two files: [url removed, login to view] and PickitV2.asc. I tried with my Altium here (which I swear had a Tango conversion option), but didn't work. That's why I am hiring. Will pay $20 for the Altium 10 file working. So, if you have the converter it will be easy. If not, don't waste your time or my time. Bids over $20 will not be considered.

Bids over 1 day, will not be considered also. Happy bidding! ******************************************* ***MILESTONE RELEASE POLICY What I need is the project to be done. In all it's extent. I don't want half of a project, or partial something whatsoever.

What I want is the complete project and this is what I am willing to get and, of course, pay for. 99,9% of the project done, will be considered incomplete!! By this, I am creating one milestone only, to be released when all that I asked for up here is delivered. This is why I tried to be so criterious about each part. No exceptions will be made. PLEASE BID ONLY IF YOU ACCEPT THESE TERMS.


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