Sony Kv M1400u Manually

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Sony kv m1400u manually number

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Find Downloads, Manuals, Tutorials, FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions), Tips & Tricks, How to's, Firmware, Drivers, Software, Problem Solving about KV-M1400U Skip to Content Main menu SONY. I couldn't find anything listed for your tv on Sony's website, but here is an email. You could ask Sony for a manual [Link:].

> How can i tune a new channel to my KV-M1400U TV? I want to tune in the television so we can use it for playstation games, but we have lost our instruction manual. Does anybody know how to tune it Catherine December 2004 Plug in the scart then on the tv to the left there is 3 buttons press the first button then press the button next to it.

Sony Kv M1400u Manually

A square with arrow going though it will appear on your tv at the top right you are now tuned in. Richard September 2014 Yes! I have this TV for 4 months now, without using it! Thank you very much!!! June 2010 Very many thanks - I had the same problem - and its now sorted!

Rob H March 2008 Didnt know where to log a BIG BIG THANKS been searching for ages for this answer nearly binned the tv but all channels up and working as per your answer worked a treat will use your site again if I get stuck. Came across your site by mistake but good job I did cause you were the only ones with the correct answer. Mags August 2007 Otherwise, you can obtain even better results off the P.S., by connecting it to the rear scart input using a suitable AV cable. In which case no tuning is required, although it may still require a remote to switch the AV input on.

Unless, PS has auto-scart switching. Check your PS manual.

Cobweb January 2005 You must use the remote control. No tuning is available on TV. Sony RM-S04B is an available replacement, if you do not have the original at about £15-20. Press and hold down the [White Arrow Up] 'shift' button. While held down press the UHF tuning button (symbol for button is ->). Press + or - to tune up or down the UHF band as required, until the required station is reached.

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Select a spare Channel Position. Press [Arrow Up] & [UHF Tuning ->] buttons again to store and exit tuning. Cobweb January 2005 Add An Answer Form Add your answer using the form below.

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