Superchips Vin Locked Hack Free Software And Shareware

I just installed the Superchips Programmer on my truck. It is model #3715, and fits '98-'03 Rams, Dakotas, and Durangos w/ 3.9L, 5.2L, or 5.9L. It took a grand total of 5 minutes to do. Didn't have as many options as the one on my cousin's Chevy did, but such is life. I only installed the 87 octane tuning level on it, raised the rev limited, raised the speed limiter, and adjusted the tire size.

The TPMS off-road function requires separate removal from the tuning software in order for the product to be used in another host vehicle. Failure to remove the TPMS feature will result in the original host vehicle retaining the Superchips tuning and the tuner will stay in a “VIN-locked” status rendering it incompatible with another vehicle. Superchips vin lock hack, superchips vin lock hack. Create a free website. It would be naive of me as a consumer to expect that FlashScan will be a superior product of high value that is priced at a shareware level.

I also read the trouble codes I had too. I ended up having a P0138 code (1/2 O2S Shorted to voltage) and a P0783 code(3-4 Shift Sol, No RPM Drop at Lockup). I know why the O2 code is up there is because of my damn O2 simm (must have gotten wet or screwed up). Not sure about the other code, but I'll investigate more. Anyways, took a quick trip around the block after installing it. Didn't seem to make much of a difference on the butt dyno, but I did only do the minimal tuning level. Also, the weather is kinda crappy here tonight, so I'm sure the humidity and temp aren't ideal for comparison either.

I could feel a difference in how it pulled in the upper RPMs though. Hopefully I'll get a chance to try the Premium Tuning and/or Towing Performance levels out soon. Both of those require 91 octane though.:wall: I was kinda bummed that I couldn't do any adjustment of shift firmness and shift points like we did on my cousin's truck, but with a Dodge trans, that is probably a good thing. I'm pretty happy with it, just for the fact that my speedo is now correct and also that I can now read codes too.

I'll keep you guys posted on how the performance changes, and also if I use the other tuning levels. Well, before you guys burn me at the stake over the price, I picked it up for only $200 shipped on eBay!!!:flipoff: Couldn't pass it up for that price. It doesn't do gear changes for some odd reason though. Not sure why this is, but I know that it isn't an option on this application.

Superchips Vin Locked Hack Free Software And Shareware

As for adjusting shift points and all that, it doesn't let you do that manually either. It says that all levels on the programmer provide 'enhanced transmission tuning'. Not sure what these 'enhancements' are though.

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I'm pretty sure this would only change how overdrive operates though, since I think these transmissions still use a cable to control the other shifting. I was thinking about trying the other levels too since they might actually work better for the increased tire size I have. I was think that the 'towing' setting might be best due to the tire size, but I'll have to try it out. I'll let you guys know.:bigthumb. On 2004-03-02 13:08, Born2mudd wrote: the programmers can be used on one truck only. It actually flashes your current stock program to the superchips unit and then gives you a new flash. This is why it cannot be used on more than one b/c it only has space for one program.

It would be nice to find out if you could add more memory to the programmer with a custom hack job and then do more than one car. I think the vin number has something do with it too, but i don't remember all the specifics.:bigthumb. Click to expand.:withstupid: It uses the VIN number as an access code to get the stock program back off of the programmer. So, without setting my truck back to the stock program, it can't be used by anybody else to program their truck. It will just say VIN locked if I try it on another vehicle without setting mine back to stock. It can, however, be used to check diagnostic codes on other vehicles.

Quit being such a cheap bastage, and trying to find ways to outsmart engineers. Just buy one. I got mine for only $200 shipped on eBay.:flipoff.

In my latest amazingly unscientific test of the programmer, I filled the tank with premium, and drove to school. Seem really good in cruise control, and seemed like overdrive was very easy. Only time it downshifted out of overdrive was when I went over a very steep overpass that crosses over I-75. Maintained speed just fine too. One hundred miles later, my gas needle still hasn't moved from full.

This isn't uncommon, but I'm betting I actually get a little better mileage than usual. Anyways, I tried the old stop sign to speed limit sign blast, and got 75mph.:bigthumb: The truck seems to really have come alive with the programmer. Download windroye emulator android. I know this is completely unscientific and just seat of the pants driving, but I know it is definitely faster with the programmer than without it. Click to expand.I'd say no since Jeeps aren't listed as an application of the programmer, but it wouldn't surprised me if it worked if the Jeep was '98-'03, and had a 5.2L or a 5.9L. As for my results, my mileage has definitely increased, but I'm not quite sure by how much yet.