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'Brown nosing'. You keep using that term. I do not think it means what you think it means. If I was brown-nosing, I would be kissing up to Andrew for my own personal gain and approval. I would say something like 'Andrew is the BEST! He can take as much time as he needs because he's probably off making even more amazing tutorials or products or films - or even curing cancer or saving the world!! Or maybe he's spending time with his wife - she is beautiful!

But of course she is because Andrew has such amazing masculine, intellectual, and creative qualities. Everyone must be attracted to him.

I honestly think there's nothing he can't do. Move over, Alex Trebek - there's a new sheriff in town.' But that's not what I said.

I commented specifically about people who are complaining about waiting for something free instead of learning to do it themselves or, you know. Just not complaining. It's the equivalent of those who stand at double doors, waiting for a line of people to finish walking through instead of just opening the second door themselves. And I didn't call out anyone specific. And so this reply. And I agree with Frank - if you don't even care, then why are you bothering to whinge about it? That is a rhetorical question.

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I have no interest in continuing this conversation. This is why I never read or get involved in the comments section. Have I learned nothing from Donna Moss? Well that's the thing Ryan, it doesn't matter how much someone gives back, or how good of a thing they do, on the internet, there is always going to be people who attack and try to tear them down.

I don't see it that way. Last year, my big thing was drawing and painting, but now, with the help mostly of VC, I'm learning after effects and 3d studio!

I can't express what that means to me, to be able to create this way. If anyone has ever watched Andrew's keynote speech in the tutorials, its obvious why he does this, and I hope that one day I am able to be even a tenth as creative as he is (his team too). I am grateful, and I'm saving my money so I can buy his products, one by one I will get them all. I've been in the military for 18 years now and it amazes me of how ungrateful people can be for something that is free.

People expect things to be free and like our freedom, everyone talks down to those who provide it. Its time for some of you to MAN up and be respectful for what you have.

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As Andrew said in his tutorials before, you should master the basics and what's provided in the installed version first. Andrew I'll be moving to California in a few months and would love to stop by and use my experience the military has provided me for new ideas and thoughts totally for FREE. I agree completely with Calixto. Its not the pack that matters (even though its a very kind gesture for VC to give this away free. But as a matter of principle a company should stand by its word on delivery dates OR at the very least, have the decency to announce any delays with a promised launch. This is not the first time VC has done this and I am sure it won't be the last. So the point Calixto is making is VERY valid in my opinion.

Artificial girl 3 character and clothes downloads. Should this pack have been ordered by a large Hollywood studio do u actually believe it wouldn't have been delivered on time. Just because its FREE doesnt give the creator of it the right to keep people hanging on. I find this approach pretty distasteful but its nothing new from VC. They have earned the reputation for not keeping to their word in the past.